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JAZZ CHORD PROGRESSIONS CHORD PROGRESSIONS by Bill Boyd * Review of chord rogressions found in most jazz standards * Preparation for fake book reading and comping * Fourth voicings and turnarounds HAL*LEONARD® jazz CHORD PROGRESSIONS by Bill Boyd Jab iav-eLeonarp: FOREWORD “Thin book contains the chord progressions fund ia most jaz tandards. Each progression is writen with coed vocings which are indigenous fo these “The book i divide io two sections. The fst sation ses chord voicings with the rot 2s tbe botom note. Tis voicing is appropriate whea playing with jazz group where her isnobas player Chord vocings with he third or seventh of the cords the baton note are the basis for section two, This voicing is useful when bass player i presen Provide the root movereat. The same progression apear in both sections. “The sy of his material wil hep prepare the player for fake book reading and comping with group.