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LET THE HEAVENS REJOICE Spirit come, fill this place

Let the heavens rejoice and the earth
be glad Jesus Christ, I Think upon your sacrifice,
Em C D7 You became nothing, poured out of
Let the seas resound with a mighty
Many times I´ve wondered at your gift of
roar life,
GCG and I´m in that place once agein,
Let the trees of the forest clap their I´m in that place once again.
Am C D G And once again I look upon the cross
Let the earth be filled with the glory of where you died.
the I´m humbled by your mercy and I´m
Lord broken inside.
Once again I thank you, once again I
Verse 1: pour out my life.
All of creation is boldly proclaiming Now you are, exalted to the highest
Am G D place,
King of heavens, where one day I´ll bow.
The wonderful things He has done But for now, I marvel at this saving
FCDG grace,
Let's join with all nations in one and I´m full of grace once again.
declaration I´m full of grace once agein.
Am G D Chorus:
Proclaiming the goodness of God And once again I look upon the cross
Verse 2: where you died.
FCDG I´m humbled by your mercy and I´m
broken inside.
The heavens above are declaring His
Once again I thank you, once again I
splendor pour out my life.
Am G D
His power cannot be denied Bridge:
Thank you for the cross, thank you for
the cross,
For all of creation is loudly confessing thank you for the cross my friend
Am G D
That Jesus, our Lord, is alive

You are welcome Betapa hatiku berterimakasih Yesus

More than welcome Kau mengasihiku Kau memilikiku
To abide in this temple Hanya ini Tuhan persembahanku
To reside in this place Segenap hidupku jiwa dan ragaku
You are welcome Sbab tak kumiliki harta kekayaan
More than welcome Yang cukup berarti tuk ku
Holy spirit come and fill this place persembahkan
Hanya ini Tuhan permohonanku
We are gathering together Terimalah Tuhan persembahanku
To worship at your throne Pakailah hidupku sebagai alatMu
To exalt the name of Jesus Seumur hidupku
To worship Him alone
He is worthy of our praises
So we lift our voices high