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Media technologies in our construction of our teaser trailer before during and after were vital to our finished product and the design
or our marketing campaign.
The planning process involved us to use various online and desktop software that helped us plan are teaser and this leading us into
the construction of our film.
We decided to Blogspot this year to blog our posts. The developments of the stages of production were charted in this way. Blogspot
was very good as it enabled us to upload all of our work and construct it. This was very useful as Blogspot can be accessed all over
the world. With other work I have done for school work I can only access on the school computer Blogspot is global so you can edit
anything at any point. This was very useful when abroad. The software is very useful as it lets the user upload YouTube videos and
integrate multimedia. Other advantages are slideshare and the uploads this allows you to store large amounts of work into a slide
show and does now take too much up on you blog. This all culminates in your individual style and personality being displayed
through your course work.
]oftwarems were a huge part of the planning and organising everything into one that would help
us decided what to do for a teaser trailer.
PowerPoint, Excel and Word were hugely important in the planning as it enabled everything to
be organised and then uploaded onto my blog. PowerPoint was very useful presentation
software that helped me and the group condense allot of work in one show. This then would be
uploaded to our blog through slideshare. Excel was one of the parts that I used allot for the
planning at the beginning of the course. With the questioner completed the results were counted
and verified, excel was the next step. This enabled me to possess all the results into graphs and
show clearly me and the group what are target audience was and genre etc. Word was also a
contributing factor as it enabled us on many occasions to create our questioners and these pieces
of course work.
With our blogs being online were used three online softwarems that helped us with uploading are work
and most important are title of our film was generated through such softwarems.
As already mentioned slideshare and also scribd used the same formant and were the same software.
If slideshare would not work or it took too long of the file was to big one or the other would work.
This enabled us to condense allot of work into one post and not take up pages and pages of our blogs.
Another software we used was Wordle, this was a huge help as were had no idea what our title would
be. With Wordle we were able to come up with our title, this was done by arranging words that related
to our teaser and words associate with the thriller genre.
§roup communication was vital with the process of our teaser. It was imperative that we stay in contact especially
when on holiday. The likes of Hotmail and Facebook and various other forms like calling each other up were very
useful as things could be sent to each other that were need for the blogs or research.
With the planning stages done, we then moved on to our construction stage of production and post-production
for our teaser trailer.
We first started out with our poster deign and our magazine design. We used an Olympus camera to take the
shots for both designs. We shot many different types of shots with lights and also putting a tint over the lights to
give a more sinister effect for Tomms character. After we collected our pictures that we liked we used Photoshop
for the editing of our chosen images. Photo shop was very good for the smoothing of the picks and correcting
anything that we could with the software. We this done we moved on to a software called InDesign for the
layout and used it for the fonts and colour that would construct it. This task took longer than expected, as what
we were creating was not working out in style. This is when the little white lies magazine was brought to our
attention. Our poster was based on the magazine; with a cartoon affect much life a noir film. Our poster was
taken from the font view of Michel from the teaser lighting up his cigarette, to make the viewer feel more in the
film from every angle.
With our schedule for the day we set out to film. We used a digital (DV) Camcorder to film all our shot. We did
not use hand-held shots at any moment. We used a Tripod that kept the camera very still and did not have any of
shakes from last year as it was a new top of the range one. We also used a sound boom so as to not just get the
sound from the camcorder. This would help in the editing studio so that there would be no sound problems like
The next step was post-production which I did also last year. This was helpful because I gained the
experience from last year and could learn from my mistakes and do a better job. Adobe Premiere for
Non-Linear editing was used like last year. As editing software there is not better software out there for
editing. The process took just over two weeks to complete with minor complication in the syncing of
the sound to the video because of the music dubbed over soundtrack.
With the final product completed it was time now to get feedback and see what people out there fought of our
teaser and if people saw it as a thriller. We placed the teaser privately up on YouTube for friends and family to
see and also send the like to other friends. This was very helpful as not only did the YouTube link help but our
audience feedback interlinked together to get a real feeling if we nailed our target audience and genre.