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If you want to change the default language in Windows XP Pro and Windows Vista (

with Vistalizator in the Home Versions) you can easily do it. But Microsoft prev
ents Windows XP Home users from doing so, although the funcionality is still pre
Lucky for us netbook users there is a workaround, that involves registry editing
in order to make it work.
Now on the steps to doit:
1. Be sure you have administrator rights in order to edit the registry.
2. Click Start, then Run, type regedit and hit enter.
3. Navigate to the following section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet00X/Con
where ControlSet has the higher value
4. Delete the ProductSuite registry value
5. Go to Edit > New and Select DWORD value with the brand name (without hyphens)
6. Put Zero as the value for the new created Key
7. Restart your machine
8. Press F8 after the bios screen
9. On the menu choose Last Known Good Configuration
10. To verify that the process worked, Right Click on My PC, Select Properties,
Windows XP Professional will be displayed (Instead Windows XP Home).
Now you can download the MUI Pack to change the language to the one you want. (Y
ou need Service Pack
2 or superior installed for the MUI to work).
When installation of the MUI Pack finishes, go to Control Panel, Regional Settin
gs, Click on the Language tab, and select the language you want, when you restar
t the machine your Windows will display on the selected language.