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1. The ABP grp owned a sports magazine till mid 1990's. Name of the magz?
Ans - Sportsworld
2. SAB stands for?
Ans - Sree Adhikari Brothers
3. Name the holding co. of Sony Ent TV grp of channels.
Ans - MultiScreen Media
4. In 1998, SRK started his career with which tv serial?
Ans - Fauji
5. Expand TGI in the media industry.
Ans - Target Group Index
6. Significance of Mobile Army Surgical Hospital in media terms.
Ans - MASH tv series
7. Helen Gurley Brown was the legendary chief editor of which publication?
Ans - Cosmopolitan
8. Live Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazines belong to which grp?
Ans - Time Inc
9. Contribution of Larry Flint to mankind.
Ans - Hustler
10. 'Always with the news' - credo of which channel?
Ans - Times Now
11. 'Aman ki Asha' - initiative of Times Grp & ____________
Ans - Jung
12. Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Golf Digest belong to which grp?
Ans - Conde Nast
13. Whose in-house journal is 'Ashley News'?
Ans - Ashok Leyland
14. 'America in your pocket' in 2005 and 'Life well shared' in 2008 have been sl
ogans of which publication in USA?
Ans - Readers' Digest
15. 'Do no evil' is whose corporate mantra?
Ans - Google
16. Which media baron was bron as Jan Ludvik Hock in 1923 in Hungary?
Ans - Robert Maxwell
17. Logo of RandomHouse
18. Visual of Surabhi anchors - identify both - Siddharth Kak & Renuka Sahane
19. Visual of BBC Bush House in London
20. Logo of Dubai Media City