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uncer Commrre Dssincr Ome cevexsnomsnnoincor KAREN Bass Ssves.ear CONGRESS OF ‘THE UNITED STATES 33RD DisTRICT, CALIFORNIA ‘April 28, 2011 Board of Directors Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transporation Authority ‘One Gateway Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90012-2052 Re: Support of Station at Leimert Park/ Vernon and below grade at Park Mesa Heights. Dear Board Members and Executives: ‘Tris letter isto express my strong support for Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ motion regarding the CrenshawiLAX transit coridor project. Specifically, ask for the Board to suppor (1) the design and construction of the Crenshaw/LAX ral ine below grade from Expostion and Orenshaw to the Harbor ‘Subdivsion/Florence right of way and (2) the inclusion of a'station atthe Leimert Park/Vernon ‘area. A wide range of constituents have expressed thelr suppor forthe proposal. We share in the belief thatthe proposed elements wil provide increased pedestrian safety, decrease trafic Congestion, improve travel ime and increase ridership. In conjunction with the concemed community members of my District, | strongly urge the ‘Board to support Supervisor Ridley-Thomas' motion today. Sincere Karenbaie— Karen Bass. US House of Representatives, California, 33° Distit