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Eric J.

Home 714/779-7519 Cell 714/585-6727
Over 20-years professional experience in internal audit, fraud investigation, an
d accounting with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance.
Internal Audit - Completed large and small cope audit appraisals to determine th
e effectiveness and efficiency of operations, the integrity of data, adherence t
o policies and procedures, compliance with governmental laws and regulations, th
e adequacy of internal controls for safeguarding assests, and verify the existen
ce of assets. Worked independently and as part of a audit team on a variety of a
udits including: credit union branches, accounts payable, accounts receivable, c
onsumer and mortgage loans, ACH payroll, fixed assets, inventory, purchasing, cr
edit cards, marketing department, call center, branch security systems, disaster
recovery, and ATM processing.
Fraud Investigation - Conducted special investigations of financial crimes and p
otential fraud. Worked with other financial institutions and local law enforceme
nt agencies to investigate and seek restitution for financial losses including c
heck fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud, counterfeit currency, internal th
eft, cash shortages, and vandalism. Prepared training materials and conducted tr
aining sessions for branch robbery response procedures, identity theft, fraud de
tection, workplace safety, and building security.
Accounting and Finance - Managed and reconciled the company bank and credit card
accounts, assisted with accounts payable and accounts receivable, implemented i
nternal controls and prepared written internal policies and procedures for the a
ccounting department.
Office Team - Irvine, CA Employment Agency 03/01/10 - 03/31/10
Account Temps - Irvine, CA Employment Agency 7/2009 - 8/2009
Farheap Solutions, Inc., Irvine, CA Software Development
Internal Auditor and Accountant 6/2007 - 1/2009
Cash Call, Fountain Valley, CA Consumer Lending
Internal Auditor and Compliance 10/2006 - 12/2006
Schools First Federal Credit Union, Tustin, CA Banking and Finance
Internal Auditor II and Fraud Investigator 6/1986 - 7/2006
California State University, Fullerton - Bachelor's Degree in Finance in 1992
Working toward CPA certification
Proficient with personal computers using Microsoft Office software
Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County - Big Brother of the Year Award in