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To, Date:10/05/2011

Mr. Afzal.
Sub:- Quotation for 50 KVA Diesel Generator Set
Dear Sir,

Below are the Technical Specification for the Required DG Set.

Sr. Description Good Specifications Qty. Unit Quoted Unit Total Amount
No Rate in Rs. In Figures In Words
1. Diesel Generator Set, Engine:Ashok Leyland 1 1 1,70,000 1,70,000
50 KVA Altornator : Kirloskar
One lakh
Volt : 415
Hz : 50 Seventy
RPM : 1500
Phase : 3
P.F : 0.8 Only.
Water cooled

Total : 1,70,000

We agree to supply the above goods in accordance with the technical specifications for a total contract price of Rs. 1,70,000
(amount in figures ) Rs. One lakh Seventy thousand Only. (amount in words)

To make Silent DG Set Rs. 1,15,000 will be charged additionally apart from above quotation.

We also confirm that the normal commercial warrantee/guarantee of Six months for Engine and 1 year for Alternator
(Rewinding) shall apply to the offered goods.

Transportation Charges and other Government charges are excluded from above Quotation.

We hereby certify that we have taken steps to ensure that no person acting for us or on our behalf will engage in bribery.

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