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Graphing : Excel Graph

Teacher Name: Ms. McGovern

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
Type of Graph Graph fits the data Graph is adequate Graph distorts the Graph seriously
Chosen well and makes it and does not distort data somewhat and distorts the data
easy to interpret. the data, but interpretation of the making interpretation
interpretation of the data is somewhat almost impossible.
data is somewhat difficult.

Neatness and Exceptionally well Neat and relatively Lines are neatly Appears messy and
Attractiveness designed, neat, and attractive. A ruler and drawn but the graph "thrown together" in a
attractive. Colors that graph paper (or appears quite plain. hurry. Lines are
go well together are graphing computer visibly crooked.
used to make the program) are used to
graph more make the graph more
readable. A ruler and readable.
graph paper (or
graphing computer
program) are used.
Units All units are Most units are All units are Units are neither
described (in a key or described (in a key described (in a key described NOR
with labels) and are or with labels) and or with labels) but appropriately sized for
appropriately sized are appropriately are not appropriately the data set.
for the data set. sized for the data sized for the data
set. set.

Data Table Data in the table is Data in the table is Data in the table is Data in the table is
well organized, organized, accurate, accurate and easy to not accurate and/or
accurate, and easy to and easy to read. read. cannot be read.

Title Title is creative and Title clearly relates to A title is present at A title is not present.
clearly relates to the the problem being the top of the graph.
problem being graphed (includes
graphed (includes dependent and
dependent and independent
independent variable) and is
variable). It is printed printed at the top of
at the top of the the graph.


Total / 20