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Who are you?

How well do you know yourself?

What are you good at?

What are your weaknesses, fears,
innermost strengths and desires?

Where are you headed?


° = ==  =

° = ==    
° =      

°|  is a collection of   

and   patterns unique to a person
that is    over time

° riginates from the Latin u , which means

What makes good personality?

Self Confidence

Positive Thinking

Learning From Failures

Self Reliance

Selfless Service

£oal Setting

Time Management

Communication Skills

Leadership Qualities


Short term

long term

èmportance of Duty

Plan/Schedule preparation ( day plan etc.,)

Making good friends

Utilizing time for Knowledge improvement

utilizing free time for good hobbies

Making good food habits

Work for others


Communication skill is very important to

everyone as they are in the threshold of
entering into a very competitive corporate world.
Communication is an art and it cannot be
cultivated overnight, without this skill a pupil might
not ever climb the success ladder in their lives.


Self Discipline

Know your Responsibilities

Developing Skills

rganizing things properly

Self Motivation and motivating people

ptimum utilization of time

Help others

S. Nagaraj Pandyan