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Bible Study Outline

Topic: Causing your relationship with God to shine

What is fellowship: An association of people who share common beliefs or activities

To cause: Events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something, person or
thing that makes something to happen.

Shine: To produce or reflect light; to be bright, to make some thing smooth; to be very good
at something.

Text: James 4:7-10; ; I John 1:3-4; II Cor 3:17-18.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Rom.12:1

By submitting yourself you are allowing God to create a new being, this is when God does
His best work I think. I mean you have to be willing to be used for the Master plan. Even
bible warned that women should submit to their husband (Lord)

Resist the devil: 1pt.5:8 You are told to be subject to God, stand firm against him and he
will flee from you, and he will flee from you. Don’t yield to evil and ungodly thoughts.

Draw near to God. Deut.4:29; isi.55:6; 2chr.12:14 and He will draw near to you. Make a
daily effort to draw near to God, to know Him more, to please Him more.

Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. Ps.24:3-4. don’t
ever doubt God on anything because the double minded will not get anything from God. Try
to come out of a sinful life, do away with sinful materials, clean your environment and clean
your heart.

Daily cleansing. Recognize that you are a sinner, realize that you have been disloyal and
lastly purify your heart of spiritual adultery. Do accounts of your daily activities, confess all
known sins, and ask for daily cleansing.
As you get closer to God and over your disloyalty for your sins, the closer you are to God the
easier it is for you to realize that wrong is wrong and right don’t wrong anyone.

Trust & Faith in the God: Do not doubt Him. Trust Him for all your needs. Ps.5:11;
Ps.9:10; Ps.31:19; Ps.37:5,40; Ps.56:11; Heb 11:6

Meditation: The way to please a man is to like what he likes and hate what he hates. God’s
way can only be known through the scriptures. Meditate in it day and night. Jos.1:8,
Rom.10:17; Prov. 4:20- 23; II Tim. 2:5.

Praise: Ps. 100:4; Rev.4:11, Ps.50:53: 147:1, in everything 1Thess 5:18.

Emulate Jesus: Heb.12:2

Many of us longs for a true fellowship, but we want to do it on our own. 1Cor.3:10