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M. ALI Husni , The Correlation of House Sanitation Physical With Occurrence Acute
Respiratory Infections (ARI) In Children Under Five in The Village Of Long Mesangat
Tanah Abang. District East Kutai 2010. The first Advisors is Drs. Ismail AB, M. Kes and
The second Advisors is Muhammad Sultan SKM, M. Kes.
Acute Respiratory Infection Disease is a major public health problem in
Indonesia, accounting for 40-60% of visits by Public Health Center are ARI diseases
and ARI mortality is still high at the Children Under Five. While the morbidity rate in
infants 42.4% and 40.6% in Toddlers. ARI is one of the 10 major causes of morbidity.
The aim of this study was to determine the correlation of House Sanitation
Physical with Occurance Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) in Children Under Five in the
village of Tanah Abang District Long Mesangat East Kutai regency. This type of
research is a case control study (Survey) analytic concerning how the risk factors
studied using a "retrospective" Results of analysis showed no association with the
house wall incidence ARI (P value <0.05), the correlation between home ventilation with
ARI incidence (P value <0.05), the correlation between lighting homes with ARI
incidence (P value <0.05) , the correlation between the roof of the house with the
incidence of ARI (P value <0.05), the correlation between floors house with ARI
incidence (P value <0.05).
Recommendation can be given to parents and community is to create a healthy
home environment and safe for toddlers, like keeping the house clean, repair and
custom ventilation quality open windows of the house to reduce air humidity inside the
house as well as increased knowledge of mothers who have children about the signs
ARI danger signs.

Keywords : Occurrence Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI), House

Sanitation Physical.
Bibliography : 21 (1990 - 2010)