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CH 1

1. A student finds a rock on the way to school. In the laboratory he

determines that the volume of the rock is 22.7 cm3, and the mass
in 39.943 g. What is the density of the rock? [ 1.76 g/cm3 ]

2. If 30.943 g of a liquid occupy a space of 35.0 ml, what is the

density of the liquid in g/cm3? [ 0.884 g/cm3 ]

3. The density of silver is 10.49 g/cm3. If a sample of pure silver has

a volume of 12.993 cm3, what would the mass? [ 136.3g ]

4. How many grams of tin would occupy 5.5 L, if it has a density of

7.265 g/cm3 ? [ 4.0 x 104 g ]

5. Pure gold has a density of 19.32 g/cm3. How large would a piece of
gold be if it had a mass of 318.97 g? [16.51 cm3 ]

6. How many cm3 would a 55.932 g sample of copper occupy if it has a

density of 8.92 g/cm3? [ 6.270 cm3 ]

7. An empty density bottle has a mass of 25 g. Its mass is 50 g when

full of water & 45 g when full of another liquid. What is the
relative density of liquid and density in S.I units?[ 0.8, 800 kg/m3]

8. An empty 60 litres water tank has a mass of 10kg. What will be its
mass when full of fuel of relative density 0.72?

9. The mass of a density bottle is 18g when empty, 44g when full of
water, and 39.84g when full of a second liquid. Calculate the
density of the liquid.

10. A density bottle weighs 60 g when it is empty, 115 g when it is

filled with liquid Y and 80 g when filled with water. Calculate the
relative density of liquid Y. [2.75 g/cc]

[ 1L=1dm3 , 1000L=1m3 , 1/1000L=1ml=1cc ]