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Court sentenCes poliCe

sergeant to death by hanging

news >p.4

Itanyi gets
into American
university’s hall
of fame

the N1b iNauguratioN

Vol. 3 No. 358 Lagos. Tuesday, 24 May 2011 NGN150

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The inauguraTion ceremonies of PresidenT goodluck JonaThan will cosT n1 billion, said YaYale
ahmed, The secreTarY To The governmenT of The federaTion aT a media briefing YesTerdaY. mr ahmed
threw a challenge to journalists at the briefing to follow up on the spending for “proper auditing and accountability”. >p.2

taking CpC drags nigerians

bread yakoWa, and their
off the ineC to mental
shelves eleCtion health

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