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Question 1: Consumers do not buy drill bits-they buy ways to make holes.

Assuming that this is true, what are consumers really purchasing when they buy the following four items? a. A pair of sneakers - comfort b. Lipstick protection, statement, style c. A life insurance policy - intelligence, farsightedness d. Wrangler jeans - brand, statement, attitude

Question2: You are the marketing manager of HDFCs Online Banking Division. How would you apply the concepts of providing value and customer satisfaction and retention to designing and marketing effective online banking? 1) The website should be easy to use, not overloaded with stuff. 2) The website should provide a single sign on to all the products that the HDFC bank provides to a customer i.e. all the products/services opted by the customer should be available through a single username/password. Like details regarding CASA, credit cards, debit cards, insurance etc should be linked to the same online account. 3) The website should be such that it provides the customer everything without physically going to the bank. Like the customer wants to order a demand draft, he/she doesnt need to go to the bank. They can order online and reaches to them at the specified time frame. Value comes in the form of no charges for making DD, no psyche costs, no transportation costs, etc. 4) Certain offers should be available through online usage only like credit points for paying bill through their website and not by giving cash at the retail counter. Receiving account statements on the online account rather than receiving paper based statements. Doing this they would receive points for shopping etc. These are the win-win situations for both i.e. bank and the customer. 5) All the user preferences should be remembered by the website so as to make it a unique experience, a customized/personalized feeling. 6) The website should provide a strong customer complaint system which is very responsive. In case the customer is finding some kind of difficulty, then the website should provide proper mechanism to help the customer. This greatly helps bank to retain the customer and provide high customer satisfaction. 7) Create customer tiers based on based on volume and consumption patterns like silver or gold account members. 8) Linking all the products available on the website tends to make customer highly dependable on website of HDFC bank. This makes the customer to get retained with the bank. 9) Summing all the above points, the value provided to the customer as the perceived benefits are very high as compared to the costs.

Question3: Locate two examples (e.g., advertisements, articles, etc.) depicting practices that are consistent with the societal marketing concept and two examples of business practices that contradict this concept. Explain your choices. The societal marketing concept requires that all marketers adhere to principles of social responsibility in the marketing of their goods and services; that is, they should endeavor to satisfy the needs and wants of their target markets in ways that preserve and enhance the well-being of consumers and society as a whole. The societal marketing concept advocates a long-term perspective, recognizing that all companies would be better off in a stronger, healthier society, and that companies that incorporate ethical behavior and social responsibility in all of their business dealings attract and maintain loyal consumer support over the long term. Ethical and socially responsible practices are simply good business, resulting not only in a favorable image, but ultimately in increased sales. The societal marketing concept

1: Body Shop: Body Shop is a cosmetic company found by Anita Roddick. The company uses only vegetable based materials for its products. It is also against Animal testing, supports community trade, activate Self Esteem, Defend Human Rights, and overall protection of the planet. Thus it is completely following the concept of Societal Marketing. 2: Ariel: Ariel is a detergent manufactured by Procter and Gamble. Ariel runs special fund raising campaigns for deprived classes of the world specifically the developing countries. It also contributes part of its profits from every bag sold to the development of the society.
Contradicting the societal marketing concept 1. Tobacco Ads 2. Alcohol Ads

Question 4: How are market segmentation, targeting, and positioning interrelated? Illustrate how these three concepts can be used to develop a marketing strategy for a product of your choice.

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning together comprise a three stage process. We first (1) determine which kinds of customers exist, then (2) select which ones we are best off trying to serve and, finally, (3) implement our segmentation by optimizing our products/services for that segment and communicating that we have made the choice to distinguish ourselves that way.

Market Segmentation 1. Identification of customer needs and market segments 2. develop profiles of resulting market segments

Identification of target markets 3. Evaluation of activity of each segment 4. selection of target segments

Positioning 5. Identification of advantages in each segment 6. developing and selection of positioning concepts

Marketing Plan 7. Developing of marketing mix for each segment according to chosen position

Example Segmentation: non-geeks and geeks Targeting: non-geeks Positioning: user-friendly computers, advertising to promote itself, through its unintimidating icons, the logo itself shows that it is so easy to use an Apple product as you are eating an apple
Question 5: Many marketers have found that a relatively small group of heavy users account for a disproportionately large amount of the total product consumed. What are the advantages and disadvantages of targeting these heavy users? Advantage More profitable than targeting other user categories, low operational costs, focused promotion Disadvantage Requires more cost to attract them, less visibility

Question6 : Under which circumstances and for what types of products should a marketer segment the market on the basis of (a) awareness status, (b) brand loyalty, and (c) usage-situation? (a) awareness status Specially related to lives mothers of new born babies, and baby products like Johnson & johnson (b) brand loyalty where the brand can go on for ages and cater to all kinds of age groups. e.g. Raymonds (c) usage-situation Marketers recognize that the occasion or situation often determines what consumers will purchase or consume, they use it as a segmentation variable. Like greeting cards for almost every occasion

Question 7: How can a marketer for a chain of health clubs use the VALS segmentation profiles to develop an advertising campaign? Which segments should be targeted? How should the health club be positioned to each of these segments? The segments to be targeted in order of preference are Maker : as they look at value additions and are essentially outdoor people would becomfortable with paymentsHealth club would be positioned a lifetime membership home comforts personal attentionand basic regular health packages Visualization: a person who is instructed by a personal coach in swimming, then explained about complete body exercise in large comfortable uncluttered surroundings

Achievers: as they are attracted t the premiumness of the club The health club would be positioned as a chain brand with premium offerings on various health related activities Visualization: a personal pampering session at the club Experiencers: as they are action oriented and ready to try new things also would have the income to support club membership Health club to be pitched as a hot and happening place where all fashion icons come to get in shape Visualization: Celebrity endorsement to be used Strivers: as they spend the most on the personal care even at the cost of taking credit Health club to be positioned as a complete personal care center Visualization: before and after experience sharing Actualisers: as they have the most resources and would be drawn to any exclusivity of the club Hype the luxury and the exclusivity Visualization: health club luxury video

Question 8: For each of the following products, identify the segmentation base that you consider to be the best one for targeting consumers: (a) coffee, (b) soups, (c) cell phones, and (d) designer sunglasses. Explain your choices. (a) coffee - Consumption Specific/Facts (b) soups Consumption Specific/Facts

(c) cell phones Consumption specific/cognitions

(d) designer sunglasses Consumer rooted/cognitions