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7 June 2011, IRRI Office, Dhaka


Phases and stages of rice plant

3 Phases:
1. Vegetative phase 2. Reproductive phase 3. Ripening phase

 Ripening phase-: 30 days, Reproductive phase: 30 days Rest part vegetative phase

Growth phases of rice plant

(Varietals differences)

Vegetative Phase 100 days

Reproductive Phase 30 days

Ripening Phase 30 days

BRRI dhan29 (160 days)

Vegetative Phase 80 days

Reproductive Phase 30 days

Ripening Phase 30 days

BRRI dhan28 (140 days)

Impact of temperature on growth phases

(BR 3)
Vegetative Phase 110 days Reproductive Ripening 30 days 30 days

(170 days)

Vegetative Phase 70 days

Reproductive Ripening 30 days 30 days

(130 days)

Vegetative Phase 85 days

Reproductive Ripening 30 days 30 days

T. Aman
(145 days)

Vegetative phase
 Basic vegetative phase:  Lag vegetative/ photosensitive phase Period of this stage: Generally 35-65 days. However, some varieties it takes 20 days and some other takes 85 days

Photoperiod sensitive rice

 PI depends on day length  Takes more time after completing of basic vegetative phase

Example of photosensitivity
Photo insensitive Veg. Rep.
Veg. Rep.


13 hrs day 11 hrs day

Photo insensitive/ photosensitive

Veg. Veg.
Acti ve


Ripen. Rep.

13 hrs day 11 hrs day

Stages of Rice 1. Germination stage:

Coleorhiza starts before coleoptile

But coleoptile comes out earlier than coleorhiza

Soaking for 24-48 hrs and incubation for 24-72 hrs: germinattion occurs

Seedling stage

Seedling stage: germination to 5 leaf stage

Leaf number and tiller relationship

X leaf -3 (L-3) 1-3 = -2 2-3 = -1 3-3 = 0 4-3 = 1

(no tiller) (no tiller) (no tiller) (no probability for tillering as leaf 1 is not fully expanded) 5-3 = 2 (Tiller from 2 node)

In 200 c, 5 days/leaf In 250 c, 4 days/leaf

Transplanting stage
Transplanting to establishment  In T. Aus and T. Aman 5-7 days  In Boro 10-15 days  0 day in DSR

Tillering stage

alfl kMe 3u d-fl Ln NSu aMe Sj de N-R i-l kuz

Stem elongation stage

Not visible up to 9 days 1.0 t0 1.5 mm after 10 days

Panicle development

Female organs

Male organs


Flowering at different parts of panicle

90-100 % paddy hard and yellow colouy

Leaf died

Intercultural operations at different stages of rice life cycle

Weeding Fertilizer Irrigation Yield is the function of number of panicle, filled spikelet and mean individual grain weight