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Full-time or part-time Most courses start September or January Fees $330$439 per course Individual university classes Prince George campus Careers Philosophy is the use of reason to inquire into matters of fundamental principle and ultimate concern. Graduates in philosophy have been successful in the following elds: Law Teaching Health professions Government Communications Information technology Ministry Social work Business Admission Youll need one of the following: Successful completion of Grade 12 (with English 12 or English 12: First Peoples) ABE/CCP Advanced Certicate GED Certicate Completion of Grade 11 with an outstanding academic record in the year of application. Tips for your successful application To ensure you select the most appropriate high school courses for your chosen career path, we strongly recommend that you consult a high school counsellor. Youll need to comply with the prerequisites of the specic CNC courses you select (see course listings at the back of this calendar). Spring term Classes: January 4 April 21, 2011 Exams: April 14 21, 2011 Study break: February 14 18, 2011
Revised: 10.08.11

The GED certicate meets CNCs general admission requirements, but does not meet specic program or course prerequisites. What will you study? For help creating the two-year philosophy program that meets your personal goals, contact CNC Counselling and Advising. For information on an associate degree in arts, see page 12 For a list of all philosophy courses available at CNC, see page 240 For information on transferability, visit www.bctransferguide.ca, talk to a CNC counsellor or advisor, or contact the university you plan to attend after CNC You might also be interested in . . . Arts, Associate Degree Individual university-level courses Important dates Fall term Classes: September 7, 2010 December 17, 2010 Exams: December 9 17, 2010