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Application for Approval to Carry out Telecommunications Construction Activities

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1. Applying for Approval from ictQATAR for training the nominated staff does not guarantee staff will be accepted for training by the relevant training authority. 2. ictQATAR cannot be held responsible for the actions of the nominated staff once approval from ictQATAR is given. 3. ictQatar may amend this application form along with any Approval granted from time to time.

Copy of the C.R Copy of the ID of the signatory / corporate card Copy of the passports of the proposed trainees

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I/We request approval from ictQATAR to arrange for training staff and issue the necessary Approval for the following: Blockwiring Qatar Cablevision equipment (QCV) Others, ..

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Location of Workshop

CR.No. Current Activity Staff Details

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Approval No.

Staff No.
Rev: 01; D: 01/06/09