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E A2 G/A

If my people Will humble themselves

E/A Esus A G/A

Humble themselves and pray


If they seek My face And humble themselves

E/A Esus A2/C# Em7 Bm7 D2 Bm7/E G/A A7 D2 D E

And turn from their wicked ways


I will hear from heaven And forgive their sin

A2/C# E Bm7

I will hear from heaven And heal their land

E E/A A6 A/B Bm7/A E E/A C#m7 Bm7 D E/A A A A2/C# D/E D/A E/A E/A E/F# F#m E/A E/F# Bm7 G Bm/F# E Bm7 A F#m E/F# F#m

Lord, heal our land Father, heal our land Hear our cry And turn our nation back to You Lord, heal our land Hear us, O Lord, and heal our land For--give our sin And heal our broken land. Lord, we bow our knee We humble ourselves

Humble ourselves and pray Lord, we seek Your face We humble ourselves And turn from our wicked ways Father, in Your mercy For give our sin Father, in Your mercy Come, heal our land