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IAS Anthropology Books for Paper - I Thomas Barfield : The Dictionary of Anthropology Haviland et al : Introduction to Anthropology Mazumdar and

Madan : An Introduction to Social Anthropology Erikson : Small Placess, Large issues, An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology Moore : Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists Bernard : Research Methods in Anthopology Relethford: The Human Species : An Introduction to Biological Anthropology Harrison et al : Human Biology Shukla and Rastogi : Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics IAS Anthropology Books for Paper - II D. K. Bhattacharya : An Outline of Prehistory M. N. Srinivas : Social Change in India Pauline Kolendra: Caste in Contemporary India S. C. Dubey : Indian Society Yogesh Atal : Changing Indian Society David.G. Mandelbaum: Society in India Tyler, Stephen: India: Anthropological Perspective V. S. Sahay and P. K. Singh: Indian Anthropology L. P. Vidyarthi and B. K. Rai: The Tribal Culture of India Nadeem Hasain: Tribal India R. C. Verma: Indian Tribes Through The Ages