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From: To: Subject: Jon Facebook Friends Highlights from Fourth of July 2011

Highlights from Fourth of July 2011

Just got back from a two day long whirlwind tour of Michigan. To be honest, we didnt see a lot of Michigan, but we did travel down to Hartland and back in a less than three days. We reached mom and dads house around two oclock and then spent the rest of the time vegging out a little bit. We had some additional downtime on Monday while we waited for the Fourth of July picnic to start back at the lake. The kids got some fresh air out in Grandmas front yard. Mom watched the kids while Theresa and I ran to Hartland to do some shopping and take advantage of free wi-fi at McDonalds. Josh and Kayla wanted to fish almost as soon as we had arrived at the lake. So, we pulled out the twelve dollar kid-sized fishing rods and joined the other kids who were fishing from the shore of the lake. My kids have gotten progressively more self-sufficient when it comes to fishing, but I would still need to call it a one man operation, with that man being me, mostly. So, I spent most of my time on the shore supporting them--hooking worms, unhooking fish, untangling fishing line, and warning Josh or Kayla when they got too close to the water. And, I have to admit that they havent had a lot of practice--we only fish once a year, during the Fourth of July celebrations back at the lake. In between fishing and keeping the kids out of trouble, I was able to catch up with my cousins and enjoy some great food. What were some highlights from your Fourth of July holiday? Share them by commenting, or discussing in a Hovernotes community. And, check out my Fourth of July photos. | Notes from Jon | Facebook | Twitter |