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Poultry Species
Domestic Fowl Turkey Duck Muscovy Duck Goose Guinea Pigeon Red-neck Pheasant Bobwhite Quail Japanese Quail Chukar Partridge Peafowl

Incubation time
21 days 28 days 28 days 33 35 days 29 31 days 26 28 days 16 18 days 23 24 days 23 days 17 18 days 22 23 days 28 days



Mammals AMH
(AntiMullerian hormone)


Male-specific expression Expressed in both males and during differentiation females during and function phases. differentiation and function phases. Higher levels in males. Expressed in males and Female-specific expression females during late during late differentiation differentiation and and function phases. function phases.


The plasma sex hormone milieu of male and female chicken embryos differs beginning as early as 7.5 d of incubation. Testosterone levels are higher in male embryos (Woods et al., 1975), whereas estradiol levels are higher in females (Woods and Brazzill, 1981).


ER expression in the male gonads is transitory but could be maintained by the administration of exogenous estrogen.

Testosterone and DHT have no obvious effect