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Service Request #: 38-235322351 Area: Reports and Charts S2000 Product Release: V6 (Siebel 2000-Enterprise) Version: 6.0.1.

24 [2974] Database: DB2 Database Version: 6.0 Status: Resolved GMT Date Opened: 02/06/2001 23:47:11 Abstract: Siebel Report Server - Parameter Passing Messages: 1 2 Description: We are looking into the Siebel Report Server module. I have read through the doc umentation and see no reference as to how parameters are passed to a scheduled r eport. Can you help?

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Activity Type: Resolution GMT Created: 03/02/2001 23:28:58 Messages: 1 2 Comment: For the benefit of the Reader: When you schedule a report on the report Server the Siebel Application transfers to the report server following information: - Active Row Id - the Business Object the report is based on - the current query expression of your Applet - Siebel Username, password of the logged on Siebel user - the connect string to the Object Manager This is stored in the Report Server Encyclopedia in the users folder 'Actuate Pa rameter Value' object named <Report><date><time>.rov. On execution time of the report this information is used to retrieve the date ou t of the Siebel Database and to create the report. We have logged Documentation Enhancement request # 12-48E8X4 to incorporate this information into the Siebel bookshelf.