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National Telecom Control Centre and NKN Project

Presented by: Aditya Anand Jha Empl. no: 02505



Powergrid has ventured into telecom sector also. It has fiber all over India, which has been divided into 4 regions NRTCC,WRTCC,SRTCC and ERTCC. POWERGRID uses equipment mainly from two companies one is Tellabs and other is Tejas. SDH and DWDM technology is used in telecom. NKN project has been taken up by Powergrid

National Telecom Control Centre


Controls all the other 4 telecom regions. Alarm handling Path tracing Link provisioning All these are done with the help of NMS (Network Management System). Its a kind of software.

Alarm Handling

Types of Alarms Loss of signal TTI mismatch Degraded signal High temperature Unit missing

Equipments used

Tellabs NMS (Network Management System) Tellabs 6310 , 6320 , 6340 , 6345 and 6350 Tejas TJ100CP , TJ100MC4

NKN Project

Its a Government Of India Initiative project. Mainly NIC (National Informatics Centre) is implementing this project. There are mainly 4 service provider for this project they are PGCIL,Railtel,BSNL and MTNL.

NKN Project

Almost 1500 institutes will be connected under this project in different phases. Its around 600 crore project for Powergrid for the next 10 years. This project is not a one time project and revenue will keep coming as we have to do the maintenance of equipment.

NKN Project


33 core and 98 edge links given to PGCIL in its first phase. 81 edge links was given in 2nd phase. DOCO Tackle the issues of different NIC links. Testing of links using BERT tester.


POWERGRID is doing good in the field of telecom. It has become one of the major telecom service providers in India. And by taking up the projects like NKN POWERGRID is surely working for our country.