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Experiment Biology Form 4 Title: movement of substances across a semi-permeable permeable membrane.

Aim Problem statement :________________________________________________________________ : What factor influences the diffusion of substances through a semi-permeable membrane? :_________________________________________________________________ manipulated variable Responding variable Constant variable Materials :____________________________________________ :_____________________________________________ :_____________________________________________

Hypothesis Variables

: Benedict s solution, 1% starch suspension, iodine solution, 30 % glucose solution and distilled water. : a Visking tubing, cotton thread, test tubes, beakers and a Bunsen burner. :

Apparatus Procedure

1. Wet one Visking tubing. Tie a knot firmly at one end. 2. Pour 10ml of glucose solution and 10ml of starch suspension into the Visking tube. Tie a knot at the top of the tubing. Record the colour of the mixture. 3. Rinse the outside of the Visking tubing using distilled water. 4. Pour 300ml of distilled water into a beaker. Add in 10ml of iodine solution. Record the colour of its solution. 5. Immerse the Visking tubing in the beaker of solution for 3o minutes as shown in the diagram.

6. After 30 minutes, remove the Visking tubing and transfer it into a dry beaker. 7. Record the colours of the contents in the Visking tubing and the solution in the beaker. 8. Test for the presence of glucose in the content of the Visking tubing and the solution in the beaker using the following steps: a. Pour 2ml of the solution into a test tube and add in 1ml of Benedict s solution. b. Heat the mixture in a beaker of water bath. Record the change in colour.

Result: Solution in Visking tubing Beaker Discussion: 1. Based on the result, make an inference on the size of the iodine molecules as compared to starch molecules. 2. Compare the size of glucose molecules with starch molecules. 3. Based on the results of this experiment, explain briefly the importance of the breakdown of starch to glucose in the digestive canal. Conclusion: Is the hypothesis accepted? Restate the hypothesis. Contents Iodine test Initial colour Final colour Benedict s test

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