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Third Eye Vision Necessary For Paradigm Shift

by R. Denise Harris

The Third eye is a very powerful tool of the soul/spirit to SEE, FEEL, and HEAR with clear perception. Our perception and reception of things change. We become more SPIRITUAL and less dogmatic. The third eye (also known as the inner eye) referring in part to the 6tthchakra ( I know that's a word foreign in church linguistics) in certain spiritual traditions. It is also spoken of as the gate that leads within to inner realms and higher consciousness, also having the ability to gain great inner spirituality. (I am writing this to the Gates, portals of this present world system-You and I) When the third eye is activated, we will be able to see things not through our 5-senses. In this ATMOSPHERIC shift that is going to be key. It will not be enough to have scriptures, etc memorized, but the ability to create WORD and POWER from within will be the necessary pulse. You are the BOOKS, SCROLLS, NEW LETTERS, and SEALS and The Revelation of CHRIST! You will realize through meditation that you have the POWER, and YOU are the GREATER WORKS. We must SHIFT from making God (and the Devil) responsible for things, and move into higher realms where we realize we are responsible. YOU and I are the godman of this earth, therefore we are COCREATORS with the FATHER. If you LOOK in religion you will not be able to SEE. LOOK within and in higher realms to see the CHRIST REALM..... ACTIVATE the third-eyeshift from five sense sensory to creative visualization. ALLOW the SPIRIT to take your sight so you will not see trees (dogma, traditions, hallucinations, old mores', fragmented systems).....BUT now you will CHRIST...YOU HEAR the necessary VOICE and CREATE the ONE TEMPLE.........20/20 vision be upon you.