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A child needs discipline for several reasons.

Most parents know that if a child has discipline, he will keep out of harms way and the parents can have peace of mind. It is also essential for a childs development. Without discipline, a child will not learn what is socially acceptable and what is not. With discipline, he learns how to get along with other people and this is important because his happiness depends on it. This is because if he tries to misbehave outside his home, he is going to meet with opposition from people. He has to learn that people outside are going to treat him differently from those at home. If he fails to recognize that, he will be disliked and shunned by others. Besides, discipline can help develop a childs self-esteem. A child who is disciplined will receive praise and acceptance and will inevitably learn to like himself. Moreover, a child who is disciplined develops a conscience that is a sense of right and wrong, which will guide him in decision making and directing his behaviour. Indeed, the ultimate purpose of discipline must be to develop and encourage good behaviour in a child from within himself.