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PRIORITIES IN THE TIME OF DEFAULT Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal workers, army, veterans, education.

I would negotiate with the holders of Bonds to defer interest for six months as most bonds pay semiannually. I would negotiate rollovers of bond principal that comes due. I would negotiate with China on what they hold and increase exports to China. Big debtors have leverage. I would give money to the states he needs to win in 2012. I would defer payments to contractors or they will risk no further business with the government and make them hire if they want to get paid. I would pull our military out of foreign countries on a faster scale. I would negotiate with big Pharma or buy from outside the US.

This would be a Ch. 11 for government. Let the creditors assert the 14th amendment. The US has leverage and they have to use it. The ordinary people would love to see O stick it to the rich. He would be the Andy Jackson of our era. Andy screwed the US Bank and the Biddels. The Banks will have to lend to get paid on their debt.

Cantor is Kaput if he causes a default. The GOP has no candidate to run v O. The GOP will have to be reorganized and the T Party will be the 3rd party like the Bull Moose of Teddy Roosevelt and Perot, and the Third Party will just split the GOP vote and O will be a shoo in.

Bachmann will go down for her beliefs and her husband's scams. Palin is just a show boat for money. She is no candidate. If the screws are put on Fox and Murdoch the GOP will have lost their trumpet.

If Cantor went short he will be prosecuted for insider trading. He bet against America. The average Joe would love to see a big dog go to jail. If Murdoch had knowledge of hacking and break ins he will be criminally prosecuted. If Giuliani represents a guy who hacked into 9/11 victims he can kiss his ass goodbye. He will wind up like Cohn who represented McCarthy. Shall I write the Code for the Chapter 11 of America? Martin S. Friedlander, Esq.