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S/o Challa Kharvi GANGADHAR NILAY Post :Jali Tq :Bhatkal U.K Pin : 581320 E-mail: gangadharkharvi@gmail.com Mobile No : +917760339769

Objective : To work in an organization with a cooperative environment. To strive, to develop and harness my intellectual capability to the maximum extent for the progress of the organization and myself. Personal Details: Date of Birth Religion Marital Status Sex Nationality Languages Known Hobbies : 03-05-1986 : Hindu : Single : Male : Indian : English, Kannada, Hindi and Konkani : Surfing Online, Playing Cricket and Kabbadi,Swimming Reading and listening to Music.

Permanent Address : S/o Challa kharvi GANGADHAR NILAY Post :Jali Tq :Bhatkal -581320 Contact Number : Mobile no: +917760339769 Educational Qualification : S.S.L.C : 57.76% P.U.C : 58.16% Professional Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (MECHANICAL)

Name of the institution: Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, Kundapura. University : Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum. Aggregate: 60.29%(B.E) Academic project: Duration: 6month Magnetic Chip Collector
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The magnetic chip collector has a trolley like design with for wheels. The front wheels contain larger gears which in turn meshed to the smaller gears of magnetic roller. Magnetic roller is connected to the demagnetic roller using a flat belt.

The magnetic roller picks the scattered ferrous chips from the floor when the forward and conveys the chip to the demagnetic roller end through the belt and these chips are collected in the container tray provided at the demagnetic roller end.

So this is an easy method to clean the machine shop floor with minimum time.

Seminar: Automated Guided Vehicle Professional Skills:

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Excellent communication, organization skills. Hard work and able to work under pressure also. Ability to provide technical assistance and resolution.

Summary of Computer Literature: Programming Language : C,CIM (mech. Software),Ansys.

Subject of Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Computer integrated manufacturing and Finite Element Method Other Activities: y Active participant in college fest. y In sports attending all competition Declaration: I hereby declare that, the above information is true and proper to the best of my knowledge.

Date:14/07/11 Place:Bhatkal

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