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Plato Republic R60 The Ten Faces of Innovation (Tom Kelley) R120 Marketing Aesthetics (Schmitt, Simonson) R100 Business Management A Value Chain Approach (Nieman, Bennett) R150 Product Management 2nd Edition (Jooste et al) R100 Communication Between Cultures 6th Edition (Samovar et al) R150 Communication Research (du Plooy) R200 The Moral of the Story 5th Edition (Rosenstand) R180 Relationship Selling 2nd Edition (Johnston, Marshall) R170 Essentials of Marketing Research 3rd Edition (Zikmund, Babin) R150 Starting Out in Marketing (Berndt et al) R100 Management Tasks for Managerial Success 3rd Edition (Oosthuizen) R100 Introduction to Marketing Management 6th Edition (Berndt et al) R100