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Offside: episode 37: Clash of two aces!

Matsuura: I can't let hit you hit that!

Busou player: deyaaah!
Matuura: idiot, stop it!
Gorou: uwa
Subtitle: Clash of two aces!
Matsuura: uooooh
Announcer: matsuura, shoot!
Katsuhiko: dey!
Announcer: he missed! sayang, Matsuura!
Matsuura’s shoot was blocked by Hibino’s hand and flies away
towards the left of the goal! 10 minutes after the second half,
Busou tries to catch the 1 point lead with hot offensives!
Doujima: kumagai’s fighting spirit has just burst out!
Takeshi has finally awakened! Kumagai, show us the fun of
soccer and its wonder!
Nishizaki: matsuura, saying naman yun..
Matsuura: tsuno, make a precise pass next time! Ok?
Tsuno: ah, yes… sorry…
Nishizaki: Tsuno, that sliding tackle you did a while ago, that was the
same as that one time before…
Tsuno: Matsuura, let’s go practice!
Think I’ll give up? I will definitely…
Definitely play soccer with this guy
Bad guy A: uoh!
Tsuno: guwaaah!
Nishizaki: tsuno, are you ok?
Bad guy A: uoh!
Matsuura: you bastard!
Tsuno: stop it!
Matsuura: Tsuno…?
Tsuno: your leg…your leg is not made to kick that kind of guy!
Ah, don’t mind me….
Matsuura: this old wound, this is nothing. Tsuno..
I have no choice but to rely on the control tower’s pass, your
Tsuno: yes
Matsuura: i’ll always be with you even after winning…
Tsuno: matsuura….
Oda: kawakou is being pushed back…
Announcer: kawakou, is calmly making an offensive… they're making
Shingo: the enemy should be in a panic right now to catch up with that
I point lead.
Tsuno: it’s not a pass! Reverse turn! He’s going back!
I won't let you!
Shingo: did he discover my plan?
Announcer: tsuno, nice intercept!
Tsuno: nishizaki!
Announcer: the fleet-footed nishizaki just keeps breaking in and advancing!
A very surprising counter offensive!
He’s going after yakumaru! He has caught up!
Yakumaru: deeeeeey!
Announcer: sliding tackle!
Nishizaki: matsuura!
Announcer: is matsuura going to steal the ball from nishizaki?! Or is it
Matsuura/gorou: uoooh!
Matsuura: gugaah!
Announcer: another head to head battle between the two!
And hibino jumps out!
Matsuura: guwaah!
Announcer: forgetting about the blood dripping from his face, he makes a
heading shoot!!
Katsuhiko: is it going to fall? I have never seen anything like this before!
Announcer: go…goal!
Matsuura’s heading shoot thrust into kawakou’s goal!!
Busou finally makes a tie once again! 2-2!
Sawawatari: I think I know now why Mr. Doujima would have a fancy for
He’s like a predator aiming for a prey called the goal…
He has the thing that japan team forward lacks
Announcer: 15 minutes during the second half, this time it’s kawakou’s
Satou’s going to make a corner kick. Shortly after a goal made
by Busou, these people surely would want to get a goal
Shingo: mark every man thoroughly…/we’re being marked
Announcer: satou’s kick is heading towards the unmarked Gorou!
Gorou: ok. What?!!
Matsuura: I can't let you hit it!
Busou athlete: deyaah!
Matsuura: idiot, stop it!
Gorou: uwa….
Nagisa: ah!
Gorou: uh…ghgh
Announcer: gorou had a serious physical contact with matsuura. He can't
get up. this is a serious damage that can make keep him out
for the rest of the game…
Gorou: ghghgh
Nagisa: go..gorou!
Yakumaru: you bastard, you hit it on purpose!
Matsuura: what did you say?!
Announcer: red card! A tackle towards gorou from the back, this is just not
surprising at all!
It looks like a stretcher is being called out for here…
Shingo: it looks like the referees do realize now Matsuura’s
uncontrollable force.
Yakumaru: if something happens to Gorou, I won’t let it pass like that
Oda: gorou, take a substitute! If it will go bad, you will be just like
Tatsuhiko: gorou!
Nagisa: gorou, I beg you, magpa-sub ka na….! if you hurt you knee any
more than this…
Matsuura: uraaaah!
Katsuhiko: uooooooooh!
Nishizaki: haaaaaaaah!
Katsuhiko: dei!
Tsuno: uoooh!
Abe: ouh!
Katsuhiko: let’s make a good defense until gorou comes back!
Shimamoto/abe/ and DF’s: yes!
Nagisa: Gorou…leg
Gorou: uhn…
Nagisa: nobody can stop your fighting spirit anymore…
Your mind is at a pitch, right, Gorou?
Announcer: now, Gorou is back at kawakou!
Will Kawakou, who has been at a defense mode until this
moment, be able to make a miracle!?
Is his right leg just fine?
Gorou: huh?
Yakumaru: you should take care of your knee! Get some substitute now!
Gorou: don’t say something stupid. Are you trying to push the captain
(me) off?
I have made that injury on Matsuura.
That’s why I can't run away from this game!
Yakumaru: look at things ahead! You’ll go to italy and become the world’s
ace right?!
If that is so…!
Gorou: I don’t care! Right now, I can't take my eyes off matsuura!
Man: what do you think you’re doing you bastard!
Nishizaki: how dare you touch other people’s bikes without permission!
Yakumaru: ah, is this yours? Oh, i'm so sorry…
Gorou: yakumaru!
Shingo: what do you think you're doing?!
Matsuura: bastard!
Nishizaki: heh! It’s too late!
Gorou: uoooooh!
Announcer: he got past! Gorou is free! But there’s not much time!
Gorou: I don’t want to lose! I don’t want to give up!
Announcer: game over! 3-2! Busou wins! Who could have thought Kawakou
would lose!
Gorou: I can't take my eyes off! He’s that great and so from the
bottom of my heart, I don’t want to lose. I feel happy fighting…
Yakumaru: happy?
Gorou: yes
Shingo: come on, yakumaru, gorou says he’s gonna do it, right?
Gorou: yakumaru, if you are me right now, and then you have the
same injnury, would you still continue to play?
Yakumaru: oh come on, I couldn’t answer that now even if you ask me
that right?
You bastard…
Abe: shimamoto, give me the ball!
Shimamoto: abe?
Abe: i'm counting on you because i'm going to make a goal, ok?
Announcer: now kawakou has the ball, the game resumes with a slowing
Abe: ok!
Shimamoto: abe!
Announcer: shimamoto, feeds it towards the front line!
Abe: the captain never gave up even when I failed and instead has
kept on counting on me.
I want to be a man who will meet the captain’s expectations.
Announcer: tsuno immediately comes for a counter defense!
Abe: I want to be everybody’s strength!
Tsuno: what?!
Announcer: abe gets past through tsuno with a half-bound ball! And he’s
taking it with him!
Shimamoto: ah, he’s going towards his best position!
Abe: I can aim for it!
Announcer: abe makes a shoot!
The keeper can't take it, will it get in?
Abe: ah…
Announcer: sayang…it was a wonderful dribble shoot
Abe: after getting a point, I think we will feel at ease so I tried my
best but….
Shimamoto: abe…
Gorou: that’s it, keep it up, abe!
Abe: huh?
Gorou: nice run! Be sure to make it next time!
Abe: y…yes! Let’s win in this match!
Gorou: of course!
Shimamoto: it looks like wala na akong kwenta… there’s nothing I can
teach you now, Abe…
Announcer: the scores are still even after 25 minutes during the second
half, so will it be Kawakou or busou who will win in the end?!
Katsuhiko: I was a loser to my brothers on my early career I soccer but…
I am glad to have come in kawakou…. I'm really glad to have
met gorou..
announcer: nishizaki, shoot!
Katsuhiko: i'm counting on you, gorou!
Announcer: hibino kicks hard! The ball is passed to the captain (gorou)!
Gorou: gh!
I can't show any pain or everyone will worry…
Announcer: Gorou passes through with a forceful dribble without seemingly
feeling any pain! It looks like the knee injury wasn’t a great
fuss after all!
Oda: gorou is just enduring the pain for everyone’s sake!
Gorou, stop it now!
Yakumaru: I’ll get a third goal for Gorou! When I do so, he’ll rest!
Shingo: for a really person like me, you have always thrown smile at
me. thank you, gorou!
Announcer: kawakou has now opened in both sides! So which side is going
to attack!?
Tsuno: nishizaki, mark yakumaru! I’ll mark satou!
Nishizaki: ok
Tsuno: Gorou will surely not be able to make a forceful kick given the
condition of his knee!
Yakumaru: gorou!
Announcer: gorou receives a pass from yakumaru and is now making his
Shingo: gorou, why won't you pass?! Don’t you trust us that much?
Matsuura: stop kidding me!
Gorou: kh!
Announcer: ang galling! Gorou get away with a clife turn!
Matsuura: kh!
Announcer: but matsuura won't lose either! He tries to catch up
And he has caught up!
Gorou: gh!
Announcer: gorou just keeps working hard! Everyone who is watching this
broadcast should be captivated by Gorou’s intense fighting
Yakumaru: that idiot! What will happen to his Italy dream now?!
Shingo: gorou is still aiming for a goal perhaps…
We are in charge of both sides. He surely has a chance to
infiltrate through the center.
If only he is just able to get pass through matsuura…
There’s no chance for us to win but to beat him (matsuura)
Right, gorou?!
Yakumaru: over here, gorou!
Announcer: yakumaru has got away from being marked!
Matsuura: gorou, I got it!!
Announcer: a do or die sliding tackle by matsuura!!!
Oowaa gorou jumps out!
Gorou: shit…
Announcer: The keeper jumps out!
Gorou: i…won't give up
Yakumaru: stop it, gorou
Nagisa: stop it now…!
Gorou: uooooooooooh!
Announcer: gorou, makes a shoot with his injured right leg!!
Busou keeper: out!
Announcer: what the….! The ball suddenly drops/drives! This is a drive
shoot! It’s heading towards the goal of busou…it advances
through a straight line!
Gorou upsets the scores with his miracle drive shoot!
truly a miracle shoot!
Nagisa: 3-2…. Kawakou has succeeded in getting the lead again…
Time’s up here for today.