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Vienna Bistro http://www.viennabistro.


132 South Main Street · Salt Lake City


Lunch · Mon-Fri 11 am - 3 pm
Dinner · Tue-Thur 5 pm - 9 pm
Recipient of the Entrepreneurial Friday/Saturday · Open until 10 pm
Success Award! Award Video Saturday brunch · 10 am - 2 pm

Dinner Lunch Starters

LUNCH (DABC Licensee)

Hungarian Beef Goulash

Top sirloin pieces stewed with onions Pork Schnitzel
and tomato, seasoned with All natural pork cutlet breaded and pan
Hungarian paprika. Served over seared, served with potato salad
spätzle $8.75
Chicken Roladen
Organic, free range chicken baked
All natural pork loin, pan seared in a
stuffed with speck and gruyere cheese,
rich mushroom cream sauce, served
topped with a rich mushroom cream
with spätzle and blaukraut
sauce, served with spätzle and blaukraut
Chicken Paprikasch
Hühnerbrust Bauern Art
Organic, free range chicken breast
Organic, free range chicken breast in a
baked in a rich goats yogurt paprika
wild boar bacon demi-glace, served with
sauce, served with spätzle and
spätzle and blaukraut
Semmelknödel *vegetarian
House- made bread and herb Housewurst
dumplings, topped with a rich House-made pork sausage served with
mushroom cream sauce, served with sauerkraut and potato salad
Chef's assorted salads $7.50
Sauerbraten Mushroom Spätzle
Marinated beef, braised in a fresh Fresh mushrooms tossed with
vegetable stock covered in a tangy house-made spätzle, served with
red wine reduction, served with blaukraut

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Vienna Bistro http://www.viennabistro.com/

spätzle and blaukraut

Käsespäzle Vegetable Spätzle
Caramelized onions with gruyere, Caramelized onions, spinach, tomato and
appenzeller, and raclette cheeses, green beans baked with house-made
baked with house-made spätzle spätzle
$8.50 $7.50
Berner Rösti
Swiss style shredded potatoes with
speck and two eggs sunny side up,
served with blaukraut
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