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VoiceThread Tutorial for the Day of The Dead Global Project

By Ivana Nazar-Olaciregui Summer 2011

1. Go to http://voicethread.com/ 2. Click the Sign in or Register tab

3. You will get this page. Click Register tab

4. Complete the form and make sure you write down your log in and password information for future reference.

5. Once you have set up your account and are able to sign in, click the Create tab on the main page.

6. Upload the first the pictures you have saved for this project by clicking the Upload tab. Look steps A, B, and C. A

C-Uploaded picture

7. Add a title to each picture. Highlight the picture, then add the title and save.

8. Next step is to record your speaking comments about your picture. Start by clicking the Comment tab and then click the Record tab bellow the picture to start recording your voice.

9. Click the Stop tab when you are done and then save. If you want to cancel and start again or record more, you can do so. Find all the recording icons bellow the picture. Always save after you are done recording

10. To Review your work click the play bottom

11. Now upload more of your pictures and follow the same instructions. 12. To share your work with your ePaLs friend, you can send an invitation or a link to his/her e-mail.

Reference VoiceThread. (2007). Retrieved from http://voicethread.com/ Picture: http://halloween.lisamorton.com/oldhallow.jpg