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My Pedagogic Creed Education is life itself. -John Dewey What is education? A seamless experience of activity and relevance. A framework or foundation of the mind. Freedom from ignorance. Anon negotiable for a civilized society. What is the role of the school? Provide a moral and ethical foundation. Provide a basis and norm for interacting with others. Create an atmosphere that values character. What is the subject matter of education? A seamless integration of content areas. Relevant, applicable experiences. Flexibility and respect for phases of development. Student choice. Exposure. What is the nature of the method? (How) Collaborative interaction. Student interest. Self paced, teacher guided when needed. Tear work, healthy competition, societal good. What is the school’s role in social progress? Education of moral leaders in history. Respect of individuality and social responsi Awareness of human rights and global resporsibility. L reject authoritarian teaching methods I believe inthe teacher as a facilitator I believe inthe individuality ofhumans (creativity) I believe participation and discovery ave important to learning: D Kirkpatrick Facilitators of Learning Theory: Cognitive and Humanistic Piaget- Asserted that for a child to know and construct knowledge of the world the child must act on objects and itis this action which provides knowledge of those objects. Piaget espoused active discovery leaming environments in our schools. Inteligence grows through the twin processes of assimilation and accommodation: therefore, experiences should be planned to allow opportunities for assimilation and accommodation. Children need to explore, to manipulate, to experiment, to question, ‘and to search out answers for themselves - activity is essential ; the mind organizes reality and acts upon it. (Montessori) Dewey- He wos convinced at avery early stage that the traditional, formal, desk- bound approach to schooling which was typified by the small town and rural schools of his childhood was futile. The teacher must guide the young through the complexities of life and give them opportunities to learn in the natural way, that is, by solving relevant problems. Rogers- + Realness in the facilitator of learning. + Prizing, acceptance, trust. + Empathic understanding. Humanistic Approach