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Grew up in a happy home Ruled by good parents Bubbling with joy Sanctified with Gods blessings Lived in Calamba ( natal town ) spent the happiest period in the lakeshore town

Hacienda owned by the Dominican Order A picturesque town nestling on a verdant plain covered with rice fields and sugar land South: Mount Makiling East: Laguna de bay Middle of the lake towers: Island of Talim North: Antipolo

Rizal loved Calamba with all his heart and soul In 1876, he remembered his beloved town. He wrote a poem entitled Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo (In memory of my town) He was 15 years old at that time and was studying at Ateneo de Manila


First memory: happy days in the family garden when he was 3 yrs. Old He was given the tenderest care by his parents He had a nurse maid and called her Aya His Aya would tell him many stories about fairiesand other fabulous stories He also remembered the daily Angelus prayer by nightfall.

Another memory of his infancy: Nocturnal Walk in the town with his Aya especially when there was a moon Recounting this childhood experience in his student memoirs, Riza wrote: Thus my heart fed on sombre and melancholic thoughts so that even while still a child, I already wandered on wings of fantasy in the high regions of the unknown.

Of his sisters, Jose loved most the little Concha (Concepcion) He was a year older that Concha Unfortunately, Concha died of sickness in 1865 He cried bitterly at losing her First time he shed his tears caused by love and grief


Grew up a good Catholic At the age of 3, he began to take part in the family prayers At the age of 5, he was able to read the bible Called as Manong Jose by the Hermanos and Hermanas Terceras Father Leoncio Lopez, one of the men he esteemed and respected in Calamba

Used to visit and listen to his stimulating opinions on current events and sound philosophy June 6, 1868, Jose and his father left Calamba to go on a pilgrimage to Antipolo First trip of Jose across Laguna de bay After praying in the shrine of the Virgin of Antipolo, they went to Manila


A story told by Doa Teodora to her favorite son, Jose to sacrifice ones life for it He justified the noble death of the moth

At age of 5, he began to make sketches with his pencil, mold in clay and wax objects which attracted his fancy He painted in oil colors a new banner that delighted the town folks because it was better than the original one Had the soul of a genuine artist Loved to ride on a spirited pony and take long walks in the meadow and lakeshore with his dog, Usman


All right laugh at me now! Someday when I die, people will make monuments and images on me!


He possessed a God-given gift for literature At the age of 8, he wrote his first poem in the native language entitled Sa aking mga Kababata (to my fellow children) Poem reveals Rizals earliest nationalist sentiment

Tagalog comedy Staged in Calamba festival and was delightfully applauded A gobernadorcillo from Paete purchased the manuscript for two pesos an brought it to his hometown



Hereditary Influence Love for freedom, innate desire to travel and indomitable courage (Malayan ancestors) Frugality, patience, love for children (Chinese ancestors) Elegance of bearing, sensitivity to insult, gallantry to lades (Spanish ancestors) Profound self-respect (Father)

Religious nature, spirit of self sacrifice and passion for arts and literature (mother) Environmental Influence Scenic beauties of Calamba Beautiful garden of the Rizal family Religious atmosphere at his home Love for freedom and justice (Paciano) Courteous and kind to women (sisters) He was inspired to develop his artistic ability b his Tio Jose Alberto

He was encouraged to develop his frail body by Tio Manuel His Tio Gregorio intensified his voracious reading of good books Father Leoncio Lopez fostered his love for scholarship and intellectual honesty Sorrows in his family strengthened his character

Aid of Good Providence - God endowed him with versatile gifts of a genius, the vibrant spirit of a nationalist, and the valiant heart to sacrifice for a noble cause


Leornas, Dianne Marie M., S.N. (CCMC-CN)