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ABDUR RAHMAN UNIVERSITY CHENNAI 600 048 Assignment Questions-Bridge Course

Part A 1. What is Software Piracy and mention its types? 2. What do you mean by Booting? Explain its types 3.Write an sample code to implement infinite while loop? 4. What is the difference between primary and secondary memory? 5 .Define system software. 6. What is the difference between While and do while loop. 7. Find the syntax error in following program and write the equivalent corrected code. #include<stdio.h> main() {int a; b=20; int c; 10=a; c=a+b; printf(the sum=c);} 8. Differentiate between structure and union 9.What is the default return value of a called function? 10.What would be the output of the below-given program?

main( ) { auto int i, j; printf(\n%d%d, i, j); } 11. Explain about the dereferencing operator the pointer? 12.Convert the following numbers to decimal equivalent? i) 110110101012 ii)10101010102 13.What are the types of functions? Explain 14. Draw a flowchart for the following program conversion of Celsius to Fahrenheit. 15. Mention the operations that can be done using Arrays? PART B 1. (i) What are the fundamentals data types available in C? (5) (ii)What are the rules for defining a variable in C? (5) 2. Write a program in C to sort numbers in ascending order using arrays.(10) 3. Explain in detail about looping structures in C. (10) 4. Explain the following in context of C language: (10)

(i)getchar( ) (ii)putchar( ) (iii)gets( ) (iv)puts( ) 5. What is call by reference and call by value give example program for each? (10) 6. Write a program using switch case loop for performing following operations. i) Mean ii) Median iii) Sum iv) Mode. (10)