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Project Film School 4/14/08 : Jia Zhagke’s The World

FILMOGRAPHY : JIA ZHANGKE “I've wanted to make this film for a long time. I came up
with the idea for the story in 2000, about four years ago. At
Ciqing shidai (2008) (in production) that time I had just finished my second film, Platform. The
... aka The Age of Tattoo (USA: literal English reason I conceived of this story is because at that point I
title) had only made films about my hometown in Shaanxi, and
yet I'd been living in Beijing for almost a decade, and I
Wuyong (2007) wanted to make a film that reflected my impressions of
... aka Useless (USA: literal English title) urban life, of Beijing. So I started thinking about making a
movie about Beijing. But later the idea for the film
Dong (2006) changed, to the point where you can't really tell whether it's
supposed to take place in Beijing or somewhere else; all
Sanxia haoren (2006) that matters is that it's taking place in a large and ancient
... aka Still Life (International: English title) city. It's a city with a lot of artificial landscapes, and people
who've come from somewhere else, from other parts of the
Shijie (2004) country, play a very important role in the film. More
... aka The World (International: English title) specifically, it's about people who work in environments
like the World Park: the girls who put on dance shows
Ren xiao yao (2002) (as ZhangKe Jia) there every day, doing Spanish and African dances and
... aka Unknown Pleasures (International: that sort of thing, and then some security guards, all of
English title) them working in the park. Both groups are living in the
sealed-off environment of the park. Day after day, they're
Gong gong chang suo (2001) either performing or patrolling the place. And then they
...aka Platform (France) also deal with a huge set of other people, also migrants
from somewhere else, who, for example, may have just
Xiao Wu (1997) arrived in the city and come looking for people from their
... aka Pickpocket (International: English title) region or village for help finding work. The film is focused
on how these groups of people form a community.”
Xiaoshan huijia (1995)
- Jia Zhangke

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