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University of Technology Mauritius


LECTURER : Mr Randhir Roopchund

Course : Bachelor in Business Administration: Banking


Question 1: 1. Explain the global pressures and tensions which are influencing companies to adopt a Corporate Citizenship perspective. It is important to cite appropriate examples to substantiate your answer. (20 Marks) 2. Explain the following ethical theories using appropriate examples: (a) Deontological Approach to Business Ethics (b) Utilitarianism (c) Ethical Relativism (7 Marks) (8 Marks) (5 Marks)

3. Comment on the statement below with especial emphasis on the words highlighted

In global warming, we are facing an enormous risk to the US economy and to retirement funds that Wall Street has so far chosen to ignore. The corporate scandals over the last couple of years have made it clear that investors need to pay more attention to corporate practices that affect long-term value. As fiduciaries, we must take it upon ourselves to identify the emerging environmental challenges facing the companies in which we are shareholders, to demand more information, and to spur needed actions to respond to those challenges. (15 Marks)

Question 4 4. How far do you think that companies should engage in Socially Responsible investment? (15 Marks) Question 5 5. Develop a statement of five principles that companies should adopt to be seen to be a corporate citizen (10 Marks)