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Portability Law (RA 7699)

Admittedly most of us move from one job to another in a move to find a higher pay and better career. Many government retirees have had a history in the private sector. In certain cases, they dont have enough years of service in the government to qualify to any GSIS retirement program. With the help of RA 7699, otherwise known as the Portability Law, government retirees who do not meet the required number of years provided under PD 1146 and RA 8291 can still avail of retirement and other benefits. Under the scheme, you may combine your years of service in the private sector represented by your contributions to the Social Security System (SSS) with your government service and contributions to the GSIS to satisfy the required years of service under PD 1146 and RA 8291. However, if you have satisfied the required years of service under the GSIS retirement option you have chosen, you would not be allowed to incorporate your contributions to the SSS anymore for availment of additional benefits. In case of death, disability and old age, the periods of creditable services or contributions to the SSS and GSIS shall be summed up to entitle you to receive the benefits under either PD 1146 or RA 8291. If qualified under RA 8291, all the benefits shall apply EXCEPT the cash payment. The reason for this is that the Portability Law or RA 7699 provides that only benefits common to both Systems (GSIS and SSS) shall be paid. Cash payment is NOT included in the benefits provided by the SSS.