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NCUB Welcomes Confirmation of the US Special Envoy to Burma

The NCUB welcomes confirmation of the U.S Special Envoy to Burma, Mr. Derek Mitchell. The many years of Mr. Mitchell's experience working on Burma-related and similar issues will be a great help and support to make stronger and more effective the U.S policies on Burma, and the NCUB looks forward to working closely and constructively with Mr. Mitchell to promote human rights and democratic reform in the country.

The NCUB calls upon ASEAN states to welcome and cooperate with Mr. Mitchell and support his efforts to promote democratic reform in Burma and peace and stability in the region. Mr. Mitchell's appointment comes at an important time for Burma, as the military-supported regime has recently initiated new military offensives against Burma's ethnic nationalities in an effort to strengthen the regimes' hold on power, which has become increasingly tenuous. Mr. Mitchell's position will not be easy, but the NCUB, the largest coalition of Burmese democratic and ethnic organizations, stands ready to cooperate with Mr. Mitchell and the U.S Government in their efforts to support national reconciliation and the establishment of a democratic, federal system in Burma, for peace stability and progress. Date: 2011 August 08

Contact: Maung Maung 202-352-7884 Moe Chan 646-643-8689