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Number Hand Signal Number Hand Signal
1 Index finger 6 Index finger down
2 Horns 7 Horns down
3 I love you 8 I love you down
4 Four 9 Four down
5 Five 0 Fist

Run Game
Blocking Name Number Hand Signal
Wedge Sneak 0 Smash fist to opposite hand
Trap Slice 1-2 Index finger across neck
Inside Zone Zone 3-4 Draw a square with index fingers
Draw R or Q Draw 5 Single six shooter
Lead Draw Lead 6 Two six shooters
Stretch Dart 7-8 Throw a dart
Speed Option Speed 9-10 Driving car
Shovel Bronco ------ Proud of belt buckle

Motions Players
Name Hand Signal Name Hand Signal
In Point at Ribs R Salute
Out Pull chest out X X arms
Ram W W hands
Lion Y Y hands
Mo Typewriter Z Zorro

Name Hand Signal Name Hand Signal
Check Index finger check mark Fake Fish hook in mouth
Start Over Incomplete pass Under Center QB hands
I'm done Two claps and point to them Gun Looking down a gun
On the line Wave to LOS Right Thumbs up
TO Now Make T w/ hands Left Thumbs down
TO @ 1 Crossed arms

Type Name Hand Signal
2=2 Doubles Double fist overhead
3=1 Trips Traveling
Empty 3=2 Panther Claw
Empty 3=2 Wide Wide Arms
Double Wing Wings Dumbo Ears
2=1+2 Ghost Fingers under chin
2=1+2 Spread Praying hands then split

Screens Tempos
Name Number Hand Signal Type Name Hand Signal
Bubble 15-16 Normal pace Storm Raining fingers
Flair 25-26 1 Min. (Limit Motion) Lightning Index lightning
Slip ------ Slide hands 3 Set plays Attack FSU Chop
Rocket 85/86, 95/96 Rocket taking off ------ Huddle Fingers meshing

Name Hand Signal Name Hand Signal Name Hand Signal
Florida Gator Arms Boston Drinking Tea M
Frisco Limp wrist Baltimore
Follow Fingers walking Bandit Guns at hips
Fresno Flex chest Bama Basketball Dribble
Fender Play Guitar Buffalo Horns on head
Falcon Chicken Dance Bench Hit Rear or Sitting

Iowa Eating corn

Indiana Shooting Hoops
Cross Wipe across chest
Wheel Waving the runner home Trade Hand shake
Dig Dig with shovel Change Clerk giving change back
Bend Touch toes Smoke Smoke Cigarette
Whip Indiana Jones Whip Throwback Smoke Cigarette, flip butt
Shake Do the twist R Throwback Salute, Cigarette, flip butt