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Haulier passing The Red Cow Roundabout, 11.


I just want to be home, is that too much to ask? Even when asleep I see white lines, hard shoulders, Automated cranes on foreign wharves loading ships, I see that nal container that I still have to deliver, The one that always seems to keep me from home, I see tailbacks and blockades and upturned wreckage, Docksides where I smoke when sleep refuses to come. The blonde teenage hiker incessantly pulling a comb Through her hair as she climbed up into my truck, Strung out on heroin, falling asleep on my shoulder With the same smile as my thirteen-year-old daughter.

- Dermot Bolger

From County Lives, a sequence of poems by Dermot Bolger, primarily in the voices of commuters undertaking everyday journeys across South Dublin County. Commissioned by South Dublin County Council through In Context 3 and funded under the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Governments Per Cent for Art Scheme, these poems are being displayed in twelve locations across the County between Sept 2007 and Sept 2008. Their texts can be downloaded at where comments may also be left for the author. Between the January 1st and March 30th 2008, people who live or work in South Dublin County are invited to submit to the author, via this website, up to three original poems that reect some aspect of their lives within the county. In September 2008, the full text of County Lives will be published, consisting of Dermot Bolgers original sequence interlinked with a representative cross section of submitted poems by other authors. Designed and produced by Yellowstone Communications Design 670 4200.