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Differentiation strategy-Barista v/s CCD

• CCD opened its first cafe in 1996 on • Barista traces its roots back to the
Brigade Road in Bangalore. old coffee houses in Italy.

• Has largest cafe retail chains in • The aroma of fine Barista coffee
India with 326 cafes in 65 cities permeated in over 150 espresso
around India. bars across India, Sri Lanka and the
Middle East.
• Head Quartered in Bangalore, •
majority of cafes in Bangalore.

• Coffee Day sources coffee from

5000 acres of coffee estates, the
2nd largest in Asia
Industrial Feasibility
• Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading • BARISTA COFFEE COMPANY LTD has
Company Ltd. (ABCTCL), popularly chalked out a major expansion plan
known as Coffee Day, a Rs. 300 crore involving an investment of over Rs.25
ISO 9002 certified company. crores.
• 332 outlets across 70 cities . • Barista to launch new concept stores
• Each store requires an investment of called Barista Crème.
about Rs 35-50 lakh. • The company plans to take the total
• A cafe is being opened in Vienna as network to around 170 outlets by the
well. year-end from the present 130.
• Café Coffee Day is a division of India's • The company plans to set up Barista
largest coffee shops. Crème outlets in Mumbai, Bangalore.
• Coffee Day sources coffee from 5000
acres of coffee estates .
• The group turnover is expected to be
around 3 to 4 billion.
SWOT Analysis
• Key Shareholders- Sterling Group of
• Strong brand equity-at reasonable cost .
• Pioneers of organized coffee retailing .
• Barista sees a major role being played by it's
PEST Analysis
Social :
• Meeting place for friends and colleagues.
• Chicory blend rumour
Market Share
• Barista to invest Rs.25 cr: Barista Coffee
Company Ltd., a wholly – owned entity of
Sterling Infotech Group.
Mission / Focus
• Increase its outlets by 199 more by • Barista has decided to invest Rs.25 crore
investing Rs.18.25 lakh in each outlet. during the current year to open 50 more
• CCD is aiming to create its own "niche outlets.
market" abroad through merchandising • Focus on Increasing outlets in south
Indian coffee powder, cookies, coffee India and open outlets in Gulf regions
mugs and curry paste. and Bangladesh.
• Focus on food sales as its beverages
have already became popular and
increase the menu.
• Increase its merchandising from 3% to
Marketing / Advertising Strategies
• If CCD gets a good deal from any other media, it will definitely go in for a marketing deal.
But as an advertisement option or as a marketing spend,they are not looking at mass

• Promotions of CCD through campaigns like Levi's, Liril ,TVS Scooty

,SugarFree,Channel V- Get Gorgeous Hunt, Himalaya Honey, Movie Tie-Ups.

• Barista Coffee Company announced the launch of the ‘ABN AMRO Barista Credit ’
• CCD positions itself amongst the youth
and young at heart.
• The café is a meeting place for 15-
29 year olds, both male and female
belonging to middle or upper middle
class.More of the population being
of females.Young or young at heart
is its T.G
• The competition evaluates
participants on three counts —
ability to make espresso, a strong
black coffee; make cappuccino, with
milk and cream mixed in the right
proportion; and innovation, ability
to make a new drink and present it.
Group Members
• Priyanka Benegal 03
• Gunjan Thakker 80
• Sapna Nayak 43
• Archana Peswani 68
• Purvashree

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