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Releasing Officer:

COL. HERNANDO D.C. A. IRIBERRI, PA GSC Senior Military Assistant to the SND & Department Spokesman

18 Aug 2011

Office for Public and Legislative Affairs, Department of National Defense, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City Telephone Nos: 911-3339 / 911-4529 Catex: 911-6001 to 12, loc. 8445/8444 Fax No.: 911-7113



On August 15 (Monday), the Secretary of National Defense provided the Honorable Senator Teofisto D. Guinggona, III a copy of the AFP Fact Finding Report or the "Mayuga Report" relative to the alleged involvement of the military in the alleged 2004 national and local elections. The report was likewise declassified. It can be recalled that the DND was ordered by President Benigno S. Aquino, III to review and evaluate the contents of said report. In this light, Secretary Voltaire T. Gazmin ordered the creation of a special investigating committee composed of incumbent officials of the DND and AFP purposely for the review and analysis of the "Mayuga Report". The review is still ongoing and the committee already submitted its initial findings with some recommendations to the President last Monday (August 15). The committee is doubling its effort to speedily finish the review and will fully cooperate with the joint DOJ-COMELEC investigation and any investigation that the legislature will conduct on the matter.