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Kyleen Overstreet

Properties of Silver
Pure silver has a white metallic luster Silver is slightly harder than gold It s hardness is 3.25 mohs Silver has the greatest electrical &thermal conductivity Silver is stable in pure air and water, even though it will tarnish through contact with the ozone

Silvers uses
Dental alloys Silver paints are made for printing circuits Electrical contacts Silver is used to make a large amount of jewelry Table ware (forks, knives, spoons)

Basic facts About Silver

It s atomic weight is 107.8682 It s symbol is Ag Silver is a solid Silver is in the fifth period of the periodic table Silver is slightly harder than gold Its atomic number is 47 Silver is very strong Silver has many uses The element silver has no discovery date We do not know who discovered it The element silver is not a man made element This element silver has been know ever since ancient times

The element silver (In the tune of the theme song for the Brady bunch)
Here s a story Of the element silver Which is seen often all around the world Its atomic number is 47 The atomic weight is 107.8682 Silver s symbol is Ag And has a lot of properties Which include It s hardness is 3.25 mohs And its true color is its name Silver has many uses Like making jewelry And dental alloys Its melting point is 961.93c Its boiling point is2212c Silver is harder than gold And is a solid And this element can form compounds Like colloidal silver which is an ancient medicine The element silver The element silver These are all very useful facts about silver

Atomic number 47 IN the 5th period

Melting point is 961.92c Boiling point is 2212c


Melting and boiling points

Atomic mass 107.8682 Silver

Hardness is 3.25 mohs Dental alloys



Color is silver


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