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Pakistan Is A Banana State Or Any Law Exists Here?

Presence of Mohairs from Gujarat, Rajasthan and U.P, CP in Sindh and Punjab needs discussion in parameters of legal and moral authority; it is still pending after 64 years of creation of Pakistan. As for my informations are concerned they are not IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) like Punjabis from eastern part of Punjab, the land of Punjabis was divided as the result of Pakistan. They are also not immigrants under the immigration law of Pakistan. They dont have the shelter of law as refugees from U.P, CP, in Pakistan. The greatest violation of human rights is manifested for the last 64 years. Nobody cares. The people living without any identities are conquering Pakistan? The people living without any identities are breeding the criminals, terrorists and beggars in Pakistan? Pakistan is a banana state or there is any law exists here? What is a failed state then?
I will be grateful for intellectual suggestions and cooperation.

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