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Check list for 3d max rules.

1. 2. 3. 4. Please read AutoCAD drawing carefully. Delete or purge unnecessary layers. Layers which are off in the drawing has to be off and not used for 3d. Always check units in AutoCAD before importing.Prefered unit are M or MM 5. Glass and water in the model of 3d not to be extruded.(single face only) 6. Reflection has to be set as per the time available. 7. If urgency, effective renderings in minimum time. Whatever be the rendering methods. 8. Adopt faster methods. 9. Building in the site to be always oriented in the 90degrees.Whatever the angle may be of the site. 10. Avoid repetition of imported objects. 11. Show the model of Max before rendering to the concerned project person. 12. Always take a test image to check lights and cameras. 13. Lights and cameras to be set as per CC and VD requirement. No extra camera settings. 14. Please ask doubts after reading thoroughly drawing immediately to the concerned persons. 15. One Human figure and one tree or car to be placed in the model for Reference for Photo processing. 16. Maximum corrections to be done in max model itself. Photo Process is to improve the quality of the picture and add background. 17. Always ask or setup deadlines to all projects yourself. 18. Project should finish before deadlines. 19. Practice regarding office projects only to be done to fasten the speed of work. 20. 3d max concerned person to maintain the 3d max folders on Data Server. 21. Everyone to take responsibility of their work and their files and folders by office format.