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CSSM Prayer

Almighty And Everlasting God/The Source Of Power And Light/Ant The Inspiration of Man To Do Whatever Endeavour It Takes/Look Down With Mercy and Compassion on your Children at The Cavite School Of Saint Mark/Breath Unto The Power Truth/That We May See The Beauty And Feel The Joy Of What is Right And Just/The Faculty And Administration/ Shall Always Be Enlighten In Develop Inner Strength And Empathy For Students/So That They May Be Able To Guide Them/ In Their Continuing Pursuit Of Knowledge and Experiences Which Will Prepare Them For The Challenges And Trials In Life/That Students May See Wisdom And Gather Enough Courage To Persevere In Pursuing Their Collective And Individual Goals/So That In the They May Become Responsible/Hardworking Professionals /Who Cherished The Value Of Divine Ethics/And Respect The Dignity And Worth Of Every Human Being/ But Most Especially God Almighty /Share with Us Your Most Profound And Enduring To See In Each Of Us Brotherly And Sisterly Concern For Each Other As You have Wanted It To Be/So that As The Morning Fills The Sky And The Day Brings Changes In Our Life/We May Feel The Presence Of Peace Security And Fulfillment/ Worthy to Be Called Your Children For Having Serve Your Best In Our Fellow Man AMEN