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Electronic Engine Performance

RACE2000, COMPLETE RANGE OF SOFTWARE TO MODIFY ECU PARAMETERS OF CARS, MOTORCYCLES AND LIGHT & HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS.....................................................................................................................2 RACE2000 STANDARD: THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT.............................................................................................3 RACE2000 ENTRY LEVEL: THE AUTONOMY. ......................................................................................................10 RACE2000 PROFESSIONAL: THE CHOICE............................................................................................................12 UPGRADES TO RESET SPECIAL CHECKSUM ALGORITHM.................................................................................13 REAL TIME EMULATOR WITH TRACE OPTION (REAL TIME MODIFICATION): MET 16 & MIKIPRO.............14 FLASH OBD TUNING: THE SERIAL SYSTEM TO REPROGRAM ECUS................................................................17 ACCESSORIES: SOFTEST PLUS, EMP20, KEY MODULES AND RW3 DE-SOLDERING UNIT............................18 SERVICES: TRAINING COURSES & TECHNICAL SUPPORT................................................................................19 PRICE LIST..............................................................................................................................................................20


s.r.l. Via Pontestura, 122 - 15020 CAMINO (AL) - ITALY Tel. ++39/0142/4681 Fax ++39/0142/469533 E-mail: trade@dimsport.it http://www.dimsport.it Release doc n. H/01


SET-UP AND PERFORMANCE INCREASING Car manufacturers (nowadays of the world market) have a to attend to many parameters such as emissions against pollution, consumption, noise level, etc. A model in fact is created to be traded in many more countries than in the past, with different specification from each area to the others (i.e. a car created in Sweden sold in Greece, with low quality of the petrol and higher temperature...). The set up of standard injection-ignition systems is not satisfactory, in spite of the enormous means at disposal of manufacturers. The reason lies in the setting of spark advance map, where excessively prudent levels fixed for average engines cause loss of efficiency. Moreover, fuel injection maps are often too poor in order to keep fuel consumption within reasonable levels. Another important aspect to keep into consideration is componentry: manufacturers have many component suppliers, sometimes with different quality levels. Automotive components in fact are really various, even within the same parts of a model Also tolerances play an important role in engine efficiency At the end of this introductory description you certainly understand why every car is really an only car All these and other technical points influence the performance, with the result that cars suffer from some sluggishness in increasing revs and also from irregular distribution of power. For these reasons we have created RACE software, to cope with hesitations in carburation and obtain a full and clean acceleration. For customers who desire to improve performances it is possible to obtain an increase in power up to 5-8% on atmospheric engines and up to the 30% on boost ones. Similar improvement are gained in the torque curve as well.


RACE2000 is a universal application system for engine control units which is distinguished by a simple manoeuvre and a great independence of a large producer multitude. The program fulfils all demands of an integrated develop environment in the following points: User-friendly due to short time to learn the program use Extension option by a great variety of additional tools Cost reduction because of short handle times and minimal expenditure for test cycles to set engine control units Flexibility and adaptation to existing installations Graphical representation of three dimensional maps Graphical representation of the difference between original and modified parameters Construction of the program structure as a modular system Working point cursor in the map representation Graphical representation of additional plots Linear representation of complete data sets Parallel representation of complete data sets (linear) and single maps (linear or three dimensional)




RACE2000 Standard is a version that guarantee both ease to use and good results. It allows the user to act on injection, ignition (real degrees of advance), boosting parameters, correction maps, rev. limiter without worrying about their location. This is possible by the "setting files" which locate the several areas containing important parameters for engine working. The user can concentrate his effort on the modification, without thinking about maps location and axes orientation. These maps are edited in three forms: in a numeric table (Cartesian diagram); in a three dimensional graph in a two dimensional diagram. RACE2000 Standard permit to work on all kinds of EPROMs (DIL, PLCC32 & 44, PSOP 44) and any brands of ECUs. The setting files vary in size and location according to the ECU brand, type and numbers, its code and EPROM number. The technical support, the ease of use of the program and the training course allow anyone to work alone and produce perfect custom-made tunes for engines, a necessity especially in cases where mechanical changes have been made. To make the mechanism clear and to show the importance of this kind of technical support, please have a look at the picture below: in it you can see what appears using a normal editor program or an emulator to read the contents of an EPROM (keeping in mind that an EPROM contains pages and pages like this):

As you can see, the content is expressed in hexadecimal values (that is, in numbers from 0 to 9 and letters from A to F) with the operative system of the ECU mixed with the maps. It is clear enough that modifying these data is an hard work... Even if you show this data in a two dimensional graph the situation appears a bi complicated:


16 bit injection map with its corresponding two dimensions graph.

With most programmes you have to find the maps yourself, whereas with RACE2000 standard we do the researching work on your behalf with RACE2000 it is all simple and clear: using the "setting files" you have only to choose the map you wish to modify (as a numeric table, a three dimensional graph and/or a two dimensional diagram) with RPM (revolutions per minute) and load as axes and the values of the maps in decimal numbers.


After having chosen the setting file you need, you will have a normal menu page showing all the maps available: injection, ignition, boost, rev limiter, correction maps, etc.

The modification of the values of all the maps can be done both in the numeric table and in the two dimensional diagram, as preferred.

Advance at part load map with the corresponding two-dimensional graph

It is important to know that RACE2000 gives the opportunity to load, then to see, two files (i.e. an original file and a modified one, or the original twice if you are starting the modification phase). RACE2000 shows both the original value and the modified ones (contemporary in the two dimensional diagram).


The pictures in this page show (left side) the table containing one map: the white cells are original values, the yellow are already modified (light grey for documentation in black/white) and the blue values are those just selected (dark grey for documentation in black/white). The right side of the pictures displays the graphical representation of what shown on the left. You have only to open the map you want to modify and start modifying, both selecting an area and increasing or decreasing values and acting directly on the two dimensional graph The setting files therefore are instruction specific for every file contained in the EPROMs that shows directly all the maps to modify. Setting files are located on our Internet setting file data bank. A support like that allows to reduce the time for the modification: the map is shown exactly as

created by the manufacturer in clear. You work on ADVANCE DEGREES, not on hex numbers


If you wish to modify the values of a map, you have another interesting, profitable opportunity: FLOOR SUM. This function of RACE2000 allows to add or deduct values on a selected area of one map. This area can be imagined as a surface which represents the floor: the user determines the increment for each angle of the floor. Obviously the values in-between these 4 angles will be modified as linear interpolation of them. In this way there will be a precise and homogeneous modification of the original maps. The programmes in this situation works for you

And what about the RPM limiter? Even easier! You have only to introduce which the new RPM limiter or the original, if you need to reset the original value. You have not to look for it, we think about searching it for a facile work...

After having completed the modification step, RACE2000 resets the checksum (basic parameter of all vehicles working) as the original: no injection light on, no starting problems.

At the end of the modification phase you can save all details tied to the car: Km run, car conditions, type of modification, results, etc. A good way to avoid missing data or lost papers with customers car details. A good tool to keep information stored, all what you need for a quality job.

You think about doing the modification, RACE2000 takes care of the rest.



If you are a well-known specialist of one specific brand we can supply you with a special version of RACE2000 Standard: RACE2000 Standard MARK. As the normal Standard version, it works by means of specific "setting files" supplied with the software (instead of being supplied through our web site). You have only to choose the car, then the map you wish to modify and start working. Future setting files will be supplied by email. RACE2000 Standard MARK technical features are exactly the same as normal Standard version. Please contact Dimensione Sport for more information.


The version for motorcycle of RACE2000 standard is a specific application of our software to this special world. RACE2000 is supplied with all setting files for motorcycles. technical features are exactly the same as normal Standard version. The motorcycle version of RACE2000 allows to work on: APRILIA RSV 1.0 BMW K 100 BMW K 1100 16 VALVES BMW K 1100 BOXER 4 V BMW K 1200 RS BMW R 1200 C BMW RT 1100 BOXER 4 CAGIVA ELEFANT 900 I DUCATI 748 DUCATI 750 SS IAW 15 DUCATI 851 DUCATI 888 DUCATI 900 SS IAW 15 DUCATI 907 DUCATI 916 DUCATI 996 DUCATI ST2 900 HARLEY DAVIDSON EVOL. HARLEY DAVIDSON TWIN MOTO GUZZI 1.1 S 16M MOTO GUZZI CALIFORNIA MOTO LAVERDA 650

If you are well-known specialist of truck engines, we have an interesting opportunity for you. A software extension of RACE2000 Standard or Professional versions allows to use the same software for the modification of the ECUs of the truck world. The truck extension is characterized for the same easiness and flexibility of RACE2000 Standard. Many tests have demonstrated that this kind of intervention permits to improve torque and power, with inferior consumption and a more satisfactory driving. A couple of examples: REDUCED CONSUMPTION: GEARBOX MORE FLEXIBILITY: TRUCK VOLVO FH12 TRUCK JOHN DEERE 8400 BEFORE 2,4 km/l BEFORE 5TH gear AFTER 2,7 km/l AFTER 10 TH gear

The truck extension is applied to:

IVECO 240E 38 Eurotech Engine 6 cyl. L. 9495 cc. 375 HP (276kW) 2100 rpm (EDC BOSCH) 240E 47 Eurotech Engine 6 cyl. L. 13798 cc. 470 HP (345 kW) 1900 rpm (EDC BOSCH) 240E 47 Eurostar Engine 6 cyl. L. 13798 cc. 470 HP (345 kW) 1900 rpm (EDC BOSCH) CURSOR 440 430 HP (317 kW) 1900 rpm (fuel injection pump systems) DAILY 2.5 TD Engine 2500 cc. DAILY 35 E 13 Common Rail engine 2800 cc. DAILY 40 C 13 Common Rail engine 2800 cc. ./.


MERCEDES ATEGO 1515 Engine 4 cyl. 150 HP ATEGO 1517 Engine 4 cyl. 170 HP ATEGO 1523 Engine 6 cyl. 230 HP ATEGO 1828 Engine 6 cyl. 280 HP 1843 ACTROS Engine 6 cyl V cc 430 HP 1848 ACTROS Engine 8 cyl V 15928 cc 476 HP 1853 ACTROS Engine 8 cyl V 530 HP 1857 ACTROS Engine 8 cyl V 570 HP 2644/3544 Engine 8 cyl. 14611 cc 435 HP (EDC BOSCH H-pump) RENAULT 560 SP MAGNUM Engine 6L 16354 cc. 560 (EDC BOSCH) SCANIA 113 /380 113 /400 114 /340 114 /380 124 /360 124 /400 124 /420 143 /400 143 /470 143 /500 144 /460 144 /530
(380 HP) (400 HP) (340 HP fuel injection pump systems) (380 HP fuel injection pump systems) 6L 11700 cc. 360 HP (EDC BOSCH) 6L 11700 cc. 400 HP (EDC BOSCH) 6L 420 HP (fuel injection pump systems) 6L 11700 cc. 400 HP (EDC BOSCH) 6L 11700 cc. 470 HP (EDC BOSCH) 6L 11700 cc. 500 HP (EDC BOSCH) 6L 14200 cc. 460 HP (EDC BOSCH) - H pump 6L 11700 cc. 530 HP (EDC BOSCH) H pump

VOLVO F12 400 ECOS F16 FH12 340 6L 12130 cc. 340 HP FH12 380 6L 12130 cc. 380 HP FH12 420 6L 12130 cc. 420 HP (Lucas fuel injection pump systems) FH12 460 6L 12130 cc. 460 HP (Lucas fuel injection pump systems) FH16 470 6L 16123 cc. 470 HP FH16 520 6L 16123 cc. 520 HP FL 410 EDC FM7 (fuel injection pump systems) MAN 13./15./18./25.264 M 2000 F/L 260 HP 6 cyl. 6867 cc (EDC BOSCH) 15.224 M 2000 L 220 HP 6 cyl. 6867 cc (EDC BOSCH) 19.293 F 2000 290 HP 5 cyl. 9968 cc (EDC BOSCH) 19.343 FK/F 2000 340 HP 5 cyl. 9968 cc (EDC BOSCH) 19./26.403 F (FNL/LL) 2000 SB/T 400 HP 6 cyl. 11961 cc (EDC BOSCH) 19./26.463 F (FNL/LL) 2000 T 460 HP 6 cyl. 12810 cc (EDC BOSCH) 19.603 M 2000 F 600 HP 10 cyl. 18263 cc (EDC BOSCH) JOHN DEERE 8100/200 8200/228 8400/280




If you aspire to be free to search the maps , or if you already use a graphic programme and you are experienced in maps searching but you wish to have a more powerful software in your hands, we suggest you to take into consideration RACE2000 Entry Level. RACE2000 Entry Level has been created for leaving the user free to identify the working parameters of the engine without setting files The user find by himself the areas of the different maps, the rev limiter, the checksum area, etc. It shows the complete file of the EPROM or part of it, in decimal or hexadecimal numbers and in a two dimensional diagram or three dimensional graph.

It offers useful instruments such as markers for researching significant values inside the maps; it allows the visualisation of the map in 8 or 16 bits format with the possibility of inversion between MSB and LSB, even or odd alignment, printing of the pre-selected areas, etc.



The customer is not supported with technical information about the addresses of the maps, REV limiter, formulas for calculating advance real degrees, checksum, etc. (there are two specific RACE2000 for this kind of help, the Standard and the Professional versions).

You can also compare two files in the same areas, to examine in details the differences between the two (for example useful in researching the RPM limiter, etc).




RACE2000 Professional is a complete version of our tuning software, which joins the researching possibilities of the Entry Level version with the technical supporting characteristics of the Standard one.

RACE2000 Professional is created for medium/high skilled customers expert in maps researching, with the possibility of switching to the setting files in case of necessity.




RACE2000 can be fully exploited by the extensions checksum upgrades. The "checksum upgrades " are software packages that allow to reset the checksum in those cases where an algorithm formula protects the original software of the EPROM. Up till now, the only valid solution to this kind of problem was represented by the autoswitching boards. Unfortunately, a few models of ECU have a timing checksum, the constant control of the checksum: in those ECU it were not possible to use autoswitching boards, neither. To solve this kind of problems and to guarantee a quality working, we have then developed the extensions "checksum modules" for RACE2000. IMPORTANT: "checksum modules", once purchased, become part of the software RACE2000. That means checksum reset is done automatically by the software after every modification of part of the file. The user does not need to worry about the correction of that parameter. This option is really useful especially during real time working using MET 16 eprom emulator (see following pages) on those car where an algorithm formula protects the original software of the EPROM. RACE2000 corrects the checksum after every modification automatically and immediately.

The checksum upgrades available today are 17: CHK001 = Turbo diesel with 2 PLCC eprom (AUDI TDI; BMW 320; CHRYSLER VoyagerTD; MERCEDES 250, 290, 300; OPEL Vectra, Astra, Zafira DI, RENAULT Megane, Laguna dTi; VW TDI; etc) CHK002 = Turbo diesel common rail system CDI/JTD (FIAT/ALFA/LANCIA JTD; MERCEDES 220 CDI, A class, Vito CDI, etc.) CHK003 = Turbo diesel BMW 530d and Rover 75 2.0 CDT CHK004 = BMW petrol engines with Siemens MS42.x ECUs CHK005 = PEUGEOT/CITRON HDI common rail engines; CHK006 = VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA turbo diesel with PSOP V 4.1; CHK007 = VW/AUDI Bosch ME7 ECUs (i.e. Audi TT, S4, S3 1.8T); CHK008 = VW Turbo Diesel engines 115 HP (Single-cylinder fuel injection pump systems). CHK009 = MCC Smart gasoline engines; MERCEDES Kompressor and atmospheric engines (all); CHK010 = MCC Smart CDI; CHK011 = VOLVO V70-S80 2.5 Turbo Diesel. CHK012 = VOLVO C70, V70-S80 Turbo petrol engines (Bosch ME7 ECUs). CHK013 = VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA TDI 2.5 V6 180 HP with PSOP V 4.1 year 2001 and fuel injection pump systems 100, 130, 150 HP. (CHECKSUM CHK006 UPGRADE) CHK014 = HYUNDAY Coup and Accent (Bosch ME7.9 ECUs). CHK015 = PEUGEOT 206 1.600 16V & CITROEN (Bosch ME7.4 ECUs). CHK016 = MERCEDES CLK 430, KOMPRESSOR, C240 (Bosch ME2.7 and 2.8 ECUs). (CHK017 not traded) CHK018 = BMW petrol engines with Siemens MS43.x ECUs CHK019 = BMW X5 4.4L with Bosch ME7.x ECUs CHK020 = BMW petrol engines with Siemens MS41.x ECUs CHK021 = VAG group (VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA) with Bosch ME7.x ECUs year 2001 (CHECKSUM CHK007 UPGRADE) CHK022 = BMW 1.9L petrol engines with PSOP 28F200 EPROM CHK023 = BMW new M3 and M5 with Siemens MSS50 MSS52 ECUs And the research goes on




RACE2000, as explained, can be utilized for modifying the maps in a really facile, effortless way. This action can be effected both in real time, with an EPROM emulator that enables to do the modification while the engine is working, and in static mode without the sustain of the emulator. The latter case implies some successive corrections to get the best result. In other words, the user needs every time to test the modification on the car to peRfect it. This proceeding could be a bit longer and disagreeable compared to the real time modification. To obviate slowness of this method and avoid any unpleasant situation, we have created MikiPro, and MET 16, EPROM emulators for real time tuning. Therefore, with real time tuning we mean the possibility to see the area of data read by the ECUs microprocessor, instant per instant and without delay, during its working. By connecting the emulator to the ECUs board (and the same emulator to one laptop) it is possible to see to see a red trace moving across the maps according to RPM and LOAD. The red trace allows to know which data are useful to modify; in this way it is much easier to get a precise, valid and more satisfactory tuned file. The EPROM emulators traded by Dimensione Sport are: MIKIPRO 8 bit real trace emulator, it allows to simulate EPROMs up to 1 Mb 8 bit. It is supplied with double 1 + 1 Mb RAM. Supplied with DIL28 & 32, PLCC 28/32 & 32/32 flat cables. MET 16 8/16 bit real trace emulator, 8 + 8 Mb double RAM, data speed 35 ns. MET 16 (MEMORY EMULATOR TRACER) 8/16 bit is a technologically advanced 8/16 emulator created to cope to any request in order to tune car performance. It is managed by RACE2000 any version. MET 16 is composed of 2 separated parts: the power supplier and the emulator body. MET 16 base kit includes also DIL 28 & 32, PLCC 28/32 & 32/32, PLCC44 and PSOP44 flat cables. It is provided with 2 RAM memory, size 8 Mb (upgradable to 16 Mbit, even though no actual eprom is created to support 16 Mbit, PSOP included). MET 16, managed by RACE2000, allows also to tune those car where an algorithm formula protects the original software of the EPROM (on-line checksum algorithm correction): the checksum correction is done after every modification in real time automatically and immediately. and what about those cars where the ECU microprocessor writes inside the EPROM, such as Siemens MS42.x fitted on BMW? No problems, MET 16 permits real time tuning on those cars as well. This new emulator can emulate all old 8 bit eproms as well.

Some technical features (highlights): 8 + 8 Mbit double RAM internal memory (RAM 1 and RAM 2). RAM1/RAM2 switching processes protected. Possibility to have multiple Trace supported contemporary in different maps. Software updating by RACE 2000 Parameters check by RACE 2000 Connection through PC parallel port for a high-speed emulation. Parallel port complete guaranteed insulation, for safe feeding from car battery.



MET 16 Base KIT - Composition

(1) FMET16 (2) FMET16-ADP/DL28 (3) FMET16-ADP/DL32 (4) FMET16-ADP/PL28 (5) FMET16-ADP/PL32 (6) FMET16-ADP/PL44 (7) FMET16-ADP/PSOP (8) F03ALMET16 (9) FMET16-AL (10) MCA-RJ (11) FMET16-CAP3 (12) C03AL001 (13) F09ACDS (14) F07KY006 16 bit EPROM emulator DIL 28 cable adapter DIL 32 cable adapter PLCC 32 "256-512" cable adapter PLCC 32 "010-020" cable adapter PLCC 44 cable adapter PSOP 44 cable adapter MET16 power feeder Battery feeding cable RJ45 socket cable (L=2m.) PC>MET16 connecting cable (L=3m.) MET16 emulator feeder AC-DELCO adapter CNV-LACTH adapter



MET 16 Optional Tools

KIT CABLE EXTENSION composed of: (1)FMET16-ADP/PRIN Inverter for cable extension (2)FMET16-ADP/PR25 25mm cable extension (3)FMET16-ADP/PR50 50mm cable extension (4)FMET16-ADP/PR150 150mm cable extension (5)FMET16-ADP/PR300 300mm cable extension (6) FMET16-ADP/2PLC Two PLCC cable (7) FMET16-PAL Car lighter feeding cable (8)FMET16-CAP7 PC>MET16 connecting cable (L=7m.)

IMPORTANT: Dimensione Sport Srl has achieved an agreement with important European partners involved in chiptuning to allows customers to use our RACE2000 software together with hardware (emulator and flat cables) manufactured by these companies. Please contact Dimensione Sport to have further information concerning this opportunity.





FLASH OBDII TUNING is an innovating extension of RACE2000, created to program ECUs by serial connection (OBDII). Thanks to a brand new software, FLASH OBDII TUNING SYSTEM is indicated for the ECUs which allow their data upgrade just by serial port, for micro-hybrid ECUs and Flash EPROMs boards, as BMW. Simply connecting a special cable to the diagnostic port of the car, it is possible to program a new set up of the memory, reaching the best performance in short times. A special software upgrades RACE2000 to communicate with the ECUs; special cables are supplied to connect laptop to OBDII port. FLASH OBDII TUNING is the answer to tune those cars where either the normal approach is not permitted or a flash EPROM PSOP is soldered on the ECUs board. The former case: those car, such as ALFA ROMEO, Fiat supplied with Bosch M 1.5.5 hybrid ECUs. The EPROM burner and the normally used method (reading of the EPROM, modification of the original file and then loading of the mod file in a new chip) are substituted by a faster, different, serial way: ALFALOAD. The latter one: those car where a flash EPROM PSOP is soldered on the ECUs board: BMWLOAD. It works on BMWSiemens MS41.x and MS42.x ECUs, the solution to avoid soldering & de-soldering problems. The way to create the modified files is the traditional one: the setting files supplied by Dimensione Sport, allow to modify all the parameters, like injection, advance (with the maps that show you real degrees instead of decimal numbers) and the rev. limiter. The different passages are the reading phase (we supply the original file together with the setting) and the final act: using a special cable connected through OBDII port you transfer the modified data into the ECU instead of changing the EPROM). The software manages data transferring to the ECU using the appropriate communicating protocol: the system guarantees reliability and ease of use FLASH is available in the following versions: ALFALOAD (for ALFA ROMEO and FIAT gasoline engines supplied with Bosch M.1.5.5 ECUs) BMWLOAD (for BMW gasoline engnes 6 cylinders with Siemens MS41.x, MS42.x and MS43.x ECUs; for BMW Turbo Diesel Common Rail 3L and 4L engines) Coming soon: PEUGEOT (206 GTI, HDI); OPEL; FIAT-ALFA-LANCIA JTD engines; ALFA ROMEO 147 FLASH OBD TUNING can be upgraded for new vehicles in short time by an easy procedure via Internet.



Softest Plus is the answer to the needs of fine tuning for road cars and special competition engines in order to obtain maximum performance and power. Softest Plus checks the operation of the lambda/oxygen sensor on catalysed cars and enables the user to effect a perfect tuning of the injection systems using LPG, Methane and Petrol. Softest Plus translates lambda/oxygen sensor signals in grams of fuel: on display of the tool you will be able to see, moment by moment, the oxygen rate. Softest Plus allows the user to check contemporary the oxygen rate and the real time boost pressure on two different displays. The second display can be used also to check injectors duty cycle.


A 12 Volt power source is required and a plug for the lighter socket is included for maximum convenience and for oxygen rate controlling when the car is running. Softest Plus is strongly recommended for Turbocharged cars.


Protection board to be used to protect modified EPROMs against copying. They are available for all kinds of size and type, both DIL 28 & 32 and PLCC 32 & 44 and PSOP 44. These protection boards allows the only ECU to read the file (an EPROM burner cannot do it).


A high-technology EPROM burner for desktop and laptop PC (no internal boards needed). It can be used for reading and programming all sort of EPROM together with the respective adapter (PLCC PSOP)


Modular plug-in system composed by soldering & desoldering and hot air units. With soldering/de-soldering nozzle, ETH micro tool, EDS/FP tool hot air, inclusive of all adapters to solder & de-solder DIL, PLCC32 & 44, PSOP 44 EPROMs, kit tips, kit spare parts, gaskets. Working temperature from 180 to 400 C.



Every new customer who purchase RACE2000 and the tuning equipment of Dimensione Sport can have a two day training course, arranged as follow: Two days of professional training, inclusive of board and lodging. First day: training in order to learn how to use the system (software and hardware), exhaustive descriptions of the devices connected with RACE2000 to work correctly in this field; Second day, from theory to practice: modification of an EPROM. The technicians explain how to tune up a car, show the method and help the customer during the work on the car.

The seriousness and the reliability of a company is confirmed after the purchase as well, when the customer starts using the items just bought and needs technical support for his first steps. For these reasons and for avoiding unpleasant situation, we provide a specific and accurate support by phone, fax and email. This kind of activity allows the user to get: 1. New ECUs setting files by which you can see on the screen of your PC directly the maps to modify. 2. Advice about the modification of a car. 3. Formula for calculating real spark advance degree.


Internet is today the easiest-to-use and widespread system to get information everywhere. It is enough a PC and a modem to be in the position to give and take information. This is the reason why we have chosen to place our setting files databank on Internet, inside our site in a specific section. The owner of RACE2000 is supplied with his own password and code to enter, it is enough to choose what needed and download it quickly in the PC. Our Internet data bank allows our customers to find the needed file and download it immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The data bank is kept up-to-date, with all the latest settings: new models, new ECU models, new EPROMs, etc. Moreover, customers can download the latest version of our RACE2000: of course the easier and faster way to work being supported in any situations. If you wish to see the setting files databank, you need only to enter it typing guest for password and code.




Via Pontestura, 122 - 15020 CAMINO (AL) - ITALY Tel. +39/0142/4681 - Fax +39/0142/469533 E-mail: trade@dimsport.it Web site: http://www.dimsport.it


(Release G/2001)


V03R8001 V03R8000 V03R8003 V03R8005 V03R8006 V03RX001 V03UP001 V03UP002 V03CK001 V03CK002 V03CK003 V03CK004 V03CK005 V03CK006 V03CK007 V03CK008 V03CK009 V03CK010 V03CK011 V03CK012 V03CK013 RACE2000 Standard RACE2000 Entry Level (without setting files opportunities) RACE2000 Professional (RACE2000 Standard + RACE2000 Entry Level) RACE2000 for Motorcycle RACE2000 Mark inclusive of setting files of one brand LIGHT & HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS UPGRADE for RACE2000 (inclusive of all setting files) It needs KEY TIR protection boards for all vehicles RACE2000 Standard to RACE2000 Professional UPGRADE RACE2000 Entry Level to RACE2000 Professional UPGRADE Checksum CHK001 (TDI equipped with two PLCC EPROM) Checksum CHK002 (FIAT ALFA LANCIA JTD and CDI MERCEDES engines) Checksum CHK003 (BMW 530d and ROVER 75 CDT) Checksum CHK004 (BMW petrol engines with SIEMENS MS42.x ECUs) Checksum CHK005 (PEUGEOT/CITRON HDI common rail engines) Checksum CHK006 (VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA turbo diesel with PSOP V 4.1) Checksum CHK007 (VW/AUDI Bosch ME7 ECUs - i.e. Audi TT, S4, S3) Checksum CHK008 (VW/AUDI TDI engines 115 HP fuel-injection pump) Checksum CHK009 (MERCEDES Smart gasoline; Kompressor and atmospheric engines) Checksum CHK010 (MERCEDES Smart CDI) Checksum CHK011 (VOLVO V70, S80 TDI) Checksum CHK012 (VOLVO C70, V70, S80 Turbo Bosch ME7 ECUs) Checksum CHK013 (VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA TDI 100, 130, 150 HP fuel-injection pump and 2.5 V6 180 HP Bosch V4.1 ECUs year 2001) CHK006 upgrading *If CHK006 checksum already owned Checksum CHK014 (HYUNDAY Coup and Accent with Bosch ME7.9 ECUs) Checksum CHK015 (PEUGEOT 206 1.600 16V & CITROEN with Bosch ME7.4 ECUs) Checksum CHK016 (MERCEDES CLK 430, KOMP., C240 Bosch ME2.7 and 2.8 ECUs) Checksum CHK018 (BMW petrol engines with SIEMENS MS43.x ECUs) Checksum CHK019 (BMW X 5 4.4 with BOSCH ME7.x ECUs) Checksum CHK020 (BMW petrol engines with SIEMENS MS41.x ECUs) Checksum CHK021 (VAG group- VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA- 1.8 and 1.8T engines with Bosch ME7.x ECUs year 2001) CHK007 upgrading *If CHK007 checksum already owned Checksum CHK022 (BMW engine 1.9L petrol with PSOP 28F200) Checksum CHK023 (BMW new M3 and M5 with Siemens MSS50 MSS52 ECUs) ALFALOAD UPGRADE - OBDII tuning system (special cable + software) for Alfa Romeo 145,146,156,166 and GTV equipped with Bosch M.1.5.5. It allows tuning 3 cars. (To be used with RACE2000 Standard, Pro, Entry, Mark Alfa) ALFALOAD Recharge for 5 cars ALFALOAD Recharge for 10 cars BMWLOAD UPGRADE OBDII tuning system for BMW supplied with Siemens MS41.x and MS42.x. Loaded with 150 points. (To be used with RACE2000 Standard, Pro, Mark BMW) BMWLOAD Recharge 250 points BMWLOAD Recharge 525 points BMWLOAD Recharge 800 points BMWLOAD Recharge 1100 points

V03CK014 V03CK015 V03CK016 V03CK018 V03CK019 V03CK020 V03CK021

V03CK022 V03CK023 K32OB001

V32OB002 V32OB003 K32OB002

V32OB00 V32OB00 V32OB00 V32OB00


Two days professional training (all inclusive) Setting files yearly subscription (max 100 setting files) Carnet 7 setting files RACE2000 Mark setting files yearly subscription

V04CF001 V03CN001 V03CN002 V03CN005




MikiPro 8 bit EPROM emulator - Inclusive of DIL 28 & 32 flat cables MikiPro 8 bit power feeder Kit PLCC (2 PLCC flat cables for Mikipro 8 bit) PLCC/ACDELCO flat cable for AC DELCO ECUs supplied with PLCC32) PLCC/SIENEMS flat cable for Siemens 98 ECUs) PLCC ultra lowered flat for SCANIA EDC systems with PLCC 28C64B) MET 16 - 8/16 bit 8 Mbit EPROM emulator Inclusive of Met 16 power feeder pack, PC>MET16 connecting cable, DIL28 & 32, PLCC 32 & 44, PSOP 44 EPROM flat cables Kit cable extension for MET 16 Composed of 25, 50, 150, 300 mm extensions and inverter for cable extensions. Twin PLCC ECUs flat cable



FMET16ADP/2PLC Car lighter feeding cable FMET16-ACC PC>MET16 connecting cable (L=7m.) FMET16-CAP7 Special cable for new VOLVO FH12 with PLCC EPROM 28HC256E for MET16 FMET16APD/FH12 Adapter for SCANIA EDC systems (to be used with PLCC ultra lowered flat cable FMET16F09PLCH) ADP/SCAN


Additional SMART KEY for RACE2000 EMP 20 EPROM reader/programmer 04B card for EMP20 08B card for EMP20 (for AC-DELCO ECUs) 15A card for EMP20 for EPROM 29Fxxx PLCC32 EPROM reading-programming adapter (EPROM 27C256 & 27C512) PLCC32 EPROM reading-programming adapter (27C010, 27C020, 27C040 & Flash E.) PLCC44 EPROM reading-programming adapter PSOP44 EPROM reading-programming adapter EPROM TMS87C510 reading adapter ADTMS ECUs conversion adapter form TMS87C510 to 27C512 Hitachi ECUs socket-adapter (FIAT 1.8 engines) AC-DELCO ECUs reading adapter AC-DELCO ECUs socket-adapter for car EAD6000 adapters for EPROM PSOP44 (Key-socket free without scrambling code, to control de-soldering operation) EAD300 adapter DIL EPROM eraser PLCC extractor Softest Plus (Lambda rate and boost pressure + duty cycle injector real time control)

F03RK001 C06EMP20 C06EMP2004B C06EMP2008B C06EMP2015A C09ADP28 C09ADP32 C09ADP44 C09PSOP44 F09ADTMS F09CNVTMS F09HTC F09ACDL F09ACDS F09EAD6000 C09EAD300 C06CAN C06EST F03ST002


KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY KEY 1010 (DIL28 protection board) 110 (DIL32 & Flash EPROM protection board) 120 (DIL32 & Flash EPROM autoswitch-protection board) 202 (AC-DELCO systems) 400 (PLCC44 protection board) 410 (PLCC44 protection board with shifted socket) 5000 (PLCC32 protection board for 27C010, 27C020, 27C040 & Flash EPROM) 512 (PLCC32 protection board for 27C256 and 27C512 EPROM) 520 (PLCC32 autoswitch-protection board for 27C010, 27C020, 27C040 & Flash E.) 600 (PSOP44 protection board) 610 (PSOP44 protection board with shifted socket) 620 (PSOP44 protection board with shifted socket opposed to KEY 610) SWITCH for EPROM DIL (KEY supplied with switch) SWITCH for EPROM PLCC32 (KEY supplied with switch) SWITCH for EPROM PSOP (KEY supplied with switch)

C07KY034 C07KY005 C07KY008 C07KY035 C07KY012 C07KY013 C07KY033 C07KY016 C07KY018 C07KY021 C07KY026 C07KY029 C07KY0** C07KY0** C07KY0**




KEYTIR DIL 1010 T (VOLVO FH12, IVECO, etc.) 1 unit KEYTIR DIL 1010 T 10 (each) KEYTIR DIL 1010-T 50 (each) KEYTIR PLCC 5130 T (SCANIA EDC, MAN) 1 unit KEYTIR PLCC 5130 T 10 (each) KEYTIR PLCC 5130 T 50 (each) KIT ACTROS (to modify MERCEDES ACTROS, composed of 1 Aluminium gasket, 1 KEY TIR PSOP 620 T and 1 EPROM PSOP 29F200 70 ns) 1 unit KIT ACTROS 10 (each) KIT ACTROS 50 (each) Aluminium gasket for MERCEDES ACTROS ECUs KIT CURSOR/SCANIA PLCC (to modify IVECO CURSOR and SCANIA fuel injection pump systems, composed of 2 EPROM PLCC 27C010, 2 sockets PLCC32, 1 KEY TIR PLCC 5000 T) 1 unit KIT CURSOR/SCANIA PLCC 10 (each) KIT CURSOR/SCANIA PLCC 50 (each) KIT SCANIA PSOP (to modify SCANIA fuel injection pump systems with EPROM PSOP, composed of 1 EPROM PSOP 29F400 70 ns, 1 KEY TIR PSOP 600 T 1 unit KIT SCANIA PSOP 10 (each) KIT SCANIA PSOP 50 (each) KIT new VOLVO FH12 supplied with PLCC 28HC256E EPROM (composed of 1 PLCC 28HC256E EPROM, 1 sockets PLCC32, 1 KEY TIR PLCC 5120 T) 1 unit KIT VOLVO FH12 10 (each) KIT VOLVO FH12 50 (each)

C07KY038 C07KY038 C07KY038 C07KY032 C07KY032 C07KY032 K09AC001 K09AC001 K09AC001 F09AC002 K09CU001

K09CU001 K09CU001 K09SC001 K09SC001 K09SC001 K09FH001 K09FH001 K09FH001


EPROM DIL 27C256 EPROM DIL 27C512 EPROM DIL 27C010/27C1001 EPROM DIL 27C128 EPROM DIL 28C64B EPROM DIL Flash 28F256 EPROM DIL Flash 28F512 EPROM DIL Flash 28F010 EPROM DIL latch 87C257 EPROM PLCC 27C256 EPROM PLCC 27C512 EPROM PLCC 27C010 EPROM PLCC 27C020 EPROM PLCC 27C040 EPROM PLCC 28C64B EPROM PLCC Flash 28F256 EPROM PLCC Flash 28F512 EPROM PLCC Flash 28F010 EPROM PLCC Flash 28F020 EPROM PLCC Flash 29F010 (AC-DELCO ECUs) EPROM PLCC44 27C1024 EPROM PLCC44 Flash 28F210 EPROM PSOP 44 pin 28F200 EPROM PSOP 44 pin 28F400 EPROM PSOP 44 pin 29F200BB 70 ns EPROM PSOP 44 pin 29F400BB 90 ns EPROM PSOP 44 pin 29F400BB 70 ns EPROM PSOP 44 pin 29F400BT EPROM PSOP 44 pin 29F800 Socket for DIL28 EPROM Socket for DIL32 EPROM Socket for PLCC32 EPROM Socket for PLCC44 EPROM Socket for PSOP44 EPROM

C1027C256DL C1027C512DL C1027C010DL C1027C128DL C1028C64BDIL C1028F256DL C1028F512DL C1028F010DL C1087C257DL C1027C256JC C1027C512JC C1027C010JC C1027C020JC C1027C040JC C1028C64B C1028F256JC C1028F512JC C1028F010JC C1028F020JC C1029F010JC C1027C1024J C1028F210JC C1028F200PS C1028F400PS C1029F200BB70 C1029F400BB90 C1029F400BB70 C1029F400BT C1029F800 C11DIL28 C11DIL32 C11PLC32 C11PLC44 C11PSO44




KIT START AUTO BASE (DIL + PLCC) 2 27C256 DIL 2 27C512 DIL 1 87C257 DIL Latch 1 27C010 DIL 5 Sockets DIL28 1 Socket DIL32 - 1 27C512 PLCC - 2 27C010 PLCC - 2 28F010 PLCC - 3 Sockets PLCC32 - 1 KEY1010 - 1 KEY5000 - 1 KEY512 KIT START AUTO PSOP 1 28F200 2 29F400 1 Socket PSOP44 - 1 KEY 600 1 KEY 610 1 KEY 620 1 Adapter EAD600 (or EAD 6000) KIT TIR UNIVERSAL (ALL) 1 KEY 1010T - 1 28C64B DIL 1 Socket DIL28 1 KEY 5130T - 1 28C64B PLCC - 1 Socket 32 pin PLCC 1 KIT ACTROS 1 KIT SCANIA/CURSOR PLCC 1 KIT SCANIA PSOP 1 KIT VOLVO FH12 KIT CLIO II RS 1 KEY 610, 1 EPROM PSOP 29F400, 4 Clips OHTO, 1 resistance 10K, manual of the kit






Product Code
CRW3 RW3 plug-in soldering/de-soldering work station Composed by soldering, de-soldering and hot air units, supplied with soldering/desoldering nozzle, ETH micro tool, EDS/FP tool hot air, inclusive of DIL, PLCC32 & 44, PSOP 44 adapters, kit tips, kit spare parts, gaskets. Composed of: Soldering module De-soldering module Hot air unit Soldering nozzle De-soldering nozzle Hot air nozzle Msx nozzle FP nozzle (ALL SUPPLIED WITH NOZZLE-CARRIER) AFP 015 Tip AQP Tip AQP 024 Tip Msx 0.25 Tip Etx 0.8 Tip White filters - 10 pieces Pump filters 10 pieces Anterior gasket. - 5 pieces Vacuum sucker kit 5 pieces

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Main characteristic of its working is the technique of the inertial mass (measurement of the torque instant per instant by the calculation of the angular speed of the rollers). Remarkable precision during data acquisition and possibility to effect comparisons amongst the tests previously saved (e.g. immediately before and after any mechanical and/or electronic modifications of a car).



Device applicable to every recent turbodiesel engine with electronic management of the pump. This device works as a corrector between the electronic e.c.u. and the injection pump: the installation is easy, quick and it does not need interventions neither to mechanical nor to electronic parts. It is supplied with original connectors (specific for every car). Adjustable by increases performance up to 25% respecting anti pollution laws.