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For Immediate Release August 30, 2011 Re: Long-time Easthampton Advocate Announces Mayoral Candidacy Long-time, Easthampton

advocate, Donald Emerson, has announced that he will file papers with the Easthampton City Clerks office to officially register as a mayoral candidate in the November election. After more than 40 years of community service, Emerson has decided to put his hat in the race for the leadership role for the city of Easthampton. Emerson, of East Street, has served in a variety of capacities for the city including the roles of Police Captain, bus driver, business owner and active fundraiser. Emersons recent retirement from Easthampton Police Department makes the timing right to take on a new commitment. His family including his wife Susan and his children are completely supportive of his decision and look forward to encouraging his efforts. The city has faced numerous challenges in the past decade and will continue to be challenged due to the current economic conditions. Having the confidence to face those challenges with the talented people of Easthampton and strong leadership is the attitude that will allow the citys success, said Emerson, but we must follow the strategic planning and allow for public input. It is critical that we encourage an increased business base, new employment opportunities, support of our system of education and a renewed focus on improving the quality of life for city residents. Emerson will be opposing Mayor Michael Tautznik who was first elected in 1996. He is the only mayor Easthampton has ever had. Emersons campaign team is currently being assembled. He plans to be knocking on doors over the next eight weeks and will establish opportunities to describe his platform as the election approaches. A formal announcement will be made Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 5:30 at the Gazebo on the town green.